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Skip the Line and Other Tips for Getting Great Santa Photos with Kids

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Skip the Line and Other Tips for Getting Great Santa Photos with Kids

Traditional photos of your kids with Santa become cherished keepsakes. Your kids get to meet Old Saint Nick and smile big for that special picture that will become part of your family’s holiday decor for years to come.


Visiting Santa is a lot of fun for both parents and kids, but waiting in long lines to thrust anxious kids onto Santa’s lap for a few hurried moments is a recipe for holiday frowns. For a festive time full of cheer and smiles that will make for that perfect holiday image, follow these simple tips.


Skip the Line

Slow-moving lines are torture for kids. From energy to anxiety, those big feelings begin to build the longer the wait. By the time kids reach Santa, it’s no wonder meltdowns ensue.


Schedule a time just for you and your family to meet Santa and get professional photos at the JCPenney Portraits Santa Event. Your family will have a jolly time with Santa in a private photo studio setting at the time of your choice, so no waiting in line!


You’ll get magical pictures of your kids in awe as they tell Santa what they want for Christmas. Those unforgettable moments will be enhanced by new holiday backgrounds and prop options. Times and events vary by location, so learn more about the Santa Event today.


Talk about Santa

Prepare your kids with plenty of talk about Santa before meeting him. Read holiday books, look at pictures and talk about when you met him when you were young. Let curious kids ask questions. To calm any fears, be sure to express how Santa is a nice person who brings children presents.


Eat and Rest Ahead of Time

When kids are rested, they are happier. So plan session times after naps or earlier in the day, if possible. What’s more, avoid mid-Santa-session hunger pangs by eating a meal or snack before you arrive.


Bring Props

That lovey can make kids feel safe, plus be an adorable addition to your holiday photography. In fact, feel free to bring along any personalized props you’d like to your session and the photographer will work with you to incorporate them into your photos.


Have Fun

When you have fun, your kids have fun! Smile, be enthusiastic and sing holiday songs if you want. Make it a special holiday activity for the family and you’re sure to get pictures that capture the spirit of the season.

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