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Studio Photography

The JCPenney Portraits Difference

JCPenney Portraits offers professional studio photography services that provide you with high-quality portraits for any occasion. With nearly 400 locations nationwide, JCPenney Portraits has a wide selection of studios near your home or office. From family portraits to individual headshots, we offer a wide range of packages and options to fit your needs and budget.

Our skilled photographers work with you to capture your unique personality and style in a comfortable and relaxed studio setting. With our state-of-the-art equipment and creative expertise, you can trust us to deliver stunning images that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Chrissie from Central Mall Studio
Why do you love working for JCPenney Portraits?
  • This is the best job I have ever had. The joy and satisfaction I get from seeing the reaction of people looking at photos of themselves and their families is hard to describe. Knowing that the images I produce at work every day will be cherished mementos thirty years from now gives my work meaning. I know I’m using my gift to leave a positive impact on the people I see.
Kimberly from Arrowhead Towne Center Studio
What is your favorite session to photograph?
  • Newborns and Babies. I love capturing the beginning moments and all the fun developmental stages in the first year of life. Being behind a camera is second nature to me – no matter the type of session.
  • I get the biggest joy in doing what I love every day – I love having the ability to freeze moments for guests to cherish for years to come!
Miakia from Montgomery Mall Studio
Why do you love working for JCPenney Portraits?
  • I love taking pictures and seeing people smile from the the creativity we captured.
  • When my dad passed away in 2009 of cancer, I realized we didn’t take enough pictures of him. Now I love seeing families come in and I just love executing the importance of family time and pictures.
Brianna from The Lakes Mall Studio
Why do you love working for JCPenney Portraits?
  • I get to make kids laugh all day – what’s a better job than that? I also love to capture memories that families will cherish for a lifetime. I get to freeze a moment in time.
  • I’ve wanted to be in photography my whole life and this job helped me open the door to a dream I have had since I was a child. I love how diverse this company is and how hard they work to ensure that good employees never go unnoticed! It’s an exciting job that I look forward to every day.

Get Creative

We are here to tell your story! Whatever that means to your family – whether it be an extra outfit, a favorite toy, or stuffed animal. Celebrating a birthday and bringing in theme items, like balloons or a cake. Have family in town – bring them in for a session to capture the generations of love shared by all. There is nothing we can’t get creative with and showcase in your session!

Coordination Is Key

For family newborn photos, wear solid colors. It makes for a great combination with our beautiful swaddles we carry in-studio. Bring a favorite blanket and a small stuffed animal that may compliment your portrait.

We’ve Got You

Trust your photographer! Bring ideas and collaboration, but trust us to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Prep for Success

If you’re coming for the first time, bring in what your child is obsessed with right now. It could be a blanket, a stuffed animal, or a book. Be sure the kids are fed and well-rested. Sit back, enjoy the show, and let me work my magic.

The one I remember most is a maternity session. It was just the happy couple, and when the mama went to switch outfits, the dad and I planned to capture a LIVE PROPOSAL right there, in the studio. It was a wonderful moment that gave some fantastic natural expressions. It was a mixture of excitement for the mom and her hilarious facial reaction.


– Lindsey from Ridgmar Center Studio

One of my favorite experiences I have ever had with a customer was an adoption photography session. The customer was celebrating the adoption of their son and I suggested that they take some interactive photos.  I created a beautiful collage with those photos and the customer cried tears of joy which in turn also made me cry. I will never forget that day or that session. They still come to see me for their photography needs and I have had the opportunity to see this family blossom over the years. I am so happy to have been a part of their story.


– Jessica from Warwick Mall Studio

One day, I photographed a couple with their pet goose! Yes, we do pet sessions, and it isn’t just for dogs! It was such a great moment when it opened its wings and struck a pose!


– Ashley from Palm Valley Corner Studio

I photographed a family’s maternity shoot for their fourth child. They now have six total, and for each new member of the family, I get the see them every month for the first year. I get to watch them grow and mature into the most amazing people. It is really an amazing feeling to be invited on their journey.


-PJ from Alderwood Mall Studio

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