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Baby’s First Christmas: The Magic of Infant Holiday Photos

Category: Holiday Blogs
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Baby’s First Christmas: The Magic of Infant Holiday Photos

Little ones grow up fast and there’s nothing quite like the magic of the holiday season. When you see your tot light up at the twinkle of a sparkly light, you know they can feel it, too.


Capturing this special time is important with children, especially if it’s baby’s first Christmas. This is a milestone moment for both child and parent, and it’s the perfect reason to schedule holiday photos.


JCPenney Portraits photographers adore taking holiday photos of infants that capture the spirit of the season. You’ll get just the images you want thanks to a wide variety of seasonal backgrounds and cute props that include evergreen wreaths, winter-white faux-fur blankets and beautifully wrapped presents of all shapes and sizes.


Just imagine a breathtaking picture of your newborn gently laid on a blanket placed in the center of a wreath. Or maybe it’s your growing baby playing with festively wrapped presents with a big grin from ear to ear. If you like the traditional take on the holiday season, bring your baby in for pictures at the special Santa Photo Events (in select studios).


The pictures captured are sure to become cherished keepsakes that you’ll adore every holiday for years to come. Use the photographs for holiday cards and bring cheer to family near and far. You might also consider ordering some personalized photography gifts that will have deep meaning for loved ones. And don’t forget to get an ornament featuring your favorite image to honor baby’s first Christmas on the tree!


The JCPenney Portraits photographers are experts at working with infants, but you can also take a few proactive steps to ensure you have a successful session:


  1. Schedule your session around nap and feeding times. When baby is well-rested and fed, photography sessions tend to go smoothly and result in more high-quality images.
  2. To help with any fussiness, bring comfort items such as lovies and toys. A beloved stuffed animal or interesting rattle can redirect the attention of children of all ages.
  3. Go simple for clothing, especially for newborns. Lots of clothes bunch up on little ones and often the best pictures are with basic clothing. Feel free to feature holiday colors and themes in the designs if you wish.
  4. Bring an extra set of clothes. Spit-ups and diaper leaks are a fact of life with a baby. Bring extra clothing just in case.


Baby’s first holiday is a special time that deserves to be captured in quality photographs. Get ahead of the holiday rush by booking a photo session now!

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