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Vogue Inspired Photoshoot

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Vogue Inspired Photoshoot



Are you ready to channel your inner supermodel and capture moments of timeless elegance? Look no further than JCPenney Portraits for a “Vogue”-inspired photoshoot experience that brings high-fashion photography to everyone. 


The Iconic “Vogue” look

When you think of “Vogue”, you envision sophistication, high fashion, and timeless elegance.  For decades, “Vogue” has been the cornerstone of fashion, setting trends around the world and capturing the essence of style through stunning photography.


Vogue-Inspired Photoshoot Prep

Create the look 

Select outfits that reflect “Vogue’s” modern-day chic and stylish aesthetic. Think statement pieces that mix high fashion with streetwear, showcasing individuality and creativity. Other ways to rock the look include oversized blazers, vintage denim, minimalistic aesthetics, etc. You may also consider some staple closet basics, such as a black button-up or white tee-shirt, to make the look more casual. 


Posing and inspiration

Posing is crucial in capturing the “Vogue” aesthetic. Flip through fashion magazines and explore the web to find the look that best captures the “Vogue” aesthetic you are looking to achieve. From Beyoncé to Harry Styles, there are iconic covers that offer various inspirational photoshoots.


Capturing the “Vogue” Look in Your Photos

Achieving the “Vogue” look requires certain techniques:


Compositions and angles 

Experiment with different compositions and angles to enhance the depth of your fashion photography. Consider using props like stools or chairs for a touch of sophistication, or try floor poses to emphasize facial expressions. 



Utilizing lighting techniques 

Lighting is essential in creating a “Vogue”-inspired look. Our photography studios utilize a special sidelight to capture depth and strong contrast between light and dark – creating dramatic effects or highlighting specific features.



Vogue inspired poses at a jcpenney portrait session.



Channel Your Inner Fashionista

Elevate your photos to a new level of sophistication. Book your “Vogue”-inspired photoshoot today and capture your inner fashionista style.

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