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Get the Most Out of Your Fall Photoshoot

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Get the Most Out of Your Fall Photoshoot


The Ultimate Guide to Fall Backgrounds, Color Schemes, Décor, & Picture-Perfect Convenience 

There’s no doubt the fall season sets the stage for breathtaking photos. Whether it’s family gatherings, back to school, engagement, or just updating your gallery with autumn vibes, this guide will provide you with all you need to know for this season’s backgrounds, the best outfit color schemes, and turning your fall photos into fun décor all while keeping affordability and convenience top of mind.


Fall Studio Background Aesthetics

Color schemes play a vital role in setting the mood and tone of your fall photos. Popular background palettes for fall reflect the warm and inviting nature of the season. The top fall background sets at the studio include Sienna, Gray, Latte, Brushed Pine, and Charcoal. These sets of versatile and sophisticated choices can perfectly enhance the vibrant hues of autumn for any fall look.


Fall Backgrounds offered at JCPenney Portraits to capture any fall photoshoot idea.


While these five options provide the aesthetic foundation for fall photography, exploring fun fall themes, designed to ignite the imagination of children and their true personalities, such as Back to School, Game Day, Naturally Cute, Pumpkin Patch and Sienna, is an all-time favorite at the studio! 


Fall Outfit Inspiration against Seasonal Background Sets 

A key factor that can elevate your fall photos is the choice of outfits. The right clothing can enhance the overall look and complement the fall background. As the leaves change color and the scenery transforms, consider earthy tones like deep reds, oranges, browns, and rich yellows. Sweaters, scarves, boots, and textured fabrics add depth and warmth to your ensemble, creating a harmonious blend with the surroundings.


Ideas for fall pictures captured on our fall photo backgrounds.

With an array of diverse fall background sets, tailoring your outfit choices to match these backgrounds ensures a seamless and visually striking composition. 


Your fall photos can be elevated even further with the addition of carefully chosen fall props. Incorporating seasonal elements can add an extra layer of authenticity and charm to your photos. Check out our fun fall props article to get inspiration.  


Elevating Fall Decor with Your Fresh Studio Images 

Extend the lifespan of your fall photos by turning them into stunning decor pieces. Consider transforming your favorite shots into canvas prints or metal photo tiles. These options not only showcase your cherished memories but also add a touch of sophistication to your living space. 

When choosing between the two, a good rule of thumb to follow is canvas prints offer a timeless appeal, adding texture and depth to your images. On the other hand, metal photo tiles provide a contemporary and sleek look, perfect for showcasing the vibrant colors of fall. When choosing photos for these print options, opt for those that capture the essence of autumn, whether it’s a playful family moment or a romantic outdoor scene. Be sure to check out this article on various wall display arrangements for tips and inspiration.    


Get the Most from Fall Photography for Less 

Capturing the beauty of fall doesn’t have to break the bank. Before scheduling your session, be sure to take advantage of this current studio offer for fall photography.  

To stay updated on the latest ways to save for fall photography and other studio offers, bookmark this page and get informed on all the latest events at your nearest studio.  

Seize the opportunity to create lifelong memories this fall season. With a fresh fall background, the right outfit color schemes, and fun decor options, all while getting the most bang for your buck, your fall photography session is bound to be a picture-perfect success. 


Feeling inspired and fully equipped to take those fall photos? Schedule your fall theme session today! 


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