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How Often Should You Take Family Photos?

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How Often Should You Take Family Photos?


As a parent, you may wonder how often you should take family photos. The answer, however, will depend on your family. 


Some parents enjoy getting annual family portraits to pass out as holiday cards. In contrast, others want their images captured during special occasions. But, no matter what you prefer, a professional photographer can help make the moment memorable and leave you with a memory you can hold onto. 


Continue reading to find out how often you should take family photos and why taking them regularly is essential. 


Time flies by quickly, especially for parents with young kids growing up too fast. Annual family photos preserve memories as kids age and are perfect for sharing in Christmas cards or family reunions. 


While kids usually have their portraits taken at school, there are benefits to taking yearly family photos. Instead of just giving away headshots of the kids, parents can be part of the captured moment too. Since no one is the same person as they grow, annual photos remind you of a time in your family’s life. 

Every Two Years

If the kids get antsy posing for photos every year, skip to getting professional photos taken every other year instead. Bi-annual photo sessions are a happy medium where you can capture special moments without causing photographic overload.

Special Occasions

Special occasions are one of the best reasons to get family pictures taken. Weddings, birthdays, reunions, graduations, and other special moments should be celebrated and preserved for yourself and future generations. 


Taking formal portraits of the family on a special occasion or holiday allows everyone to look back and reminisce about that moment in the family’s history.


Other special occasions, like new babies in the family, will undoubtedly mean that grandparents and family members want updated family photos for their photo collections. 

Alternate Intervals

Another answer to how often you should take family photos is alternate intervals. Why? Because different moments call for different frequencies of photo-taking.


For example, it’s common for parents with a new baby to have monthly photo sessions or professional shoots twice a year to capture their daughter or son in the first stages of life. 


Alternate intervals can also mean getting professional family photos taken whenever you feel it’s time to give the frame on the wall an updated family picture.

Why Regular Family Photos Matter

There are many important reasons for taking family photos regularly. Professional images make for beautiful wall art and great presents for grandparents, friends, and family. 


Whether you send out annual Christmas cards, are capturing moments of a growing baby’s life, or want to give out photos at the next family reunion, family portraits share beautiful memories you can revisit again and again. 


Discover more about how often you should take family photos with answers to the FAQs below. 

Why are family photos so important?

Family pictures are important because they capture moments as a family grows together and are sharable with family and friends. Parents can preserve memories of their children throughout different stages of their lives, and when those children grow up, they can share their childhood moments with their kids. 

How long should a family photoshoot last?

A family photoshoot typically takes 15 minutes with a professional photographer. A mini-session can last between 15 and 20 minutes with simple poses. This is the benefit of using a professional photography service. An experienced professional and experienced staff can get a great photo shoot done relatively quickly.


Final Thoughts

Family photos are a fun way for the gang to get a group shot and mark a moment in your family history. So, how often should you take family photos? The answer will depend on your last family photos. 


If it’s been too long since you’ve updated your family photos, schedule a family photo session today to create lasting memories for the whole family.

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