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Fun Fall Prop Ideas to Enhance Autumn Images

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Fun Fall Prop Ideas to Enhance Autumn Images

The fall season is the perfect reason for getting professional pictures taken, but it also serves as a wonderful theme for your photographs. It’s easy to use all things autumn to inspire photo props to create one-of-a-kind photography results you’ll love all year long!


Here are some of the top photo prop ideas for fall from the experts at JCPenney Portraits:


Pumpkins and Gourds

Whether traditional orange hues, whisper white tones or touches of rich green, pumpkins and gourds are amazing accents for fall photography. They are great to place strategically into the setting or you can have each person hold one. For a truly customized picture, write your child’s name or family surname in script on the pumpkin.


Apples and Baskets

Visiting an apple orchard is a favorite fall activity, but you don’t have to go to one to get the autumn photography you crave. A few baskets and some apples are super cute for kids to sit next to or carry. For little ones, a single apple is an adorable prop that keeps them entertained. Plus, the vivid red of apples adds a nice pop of color to any picture.


Cozy Blankets

As temperatures drop it’s time to get cozy, and nothing says “snuggle up” more than a soft blanket. To inspire cuddles and cute photography, bring along a favorite family blanket. Place one on the ground and sit on it together, or wrap it around your family to convey how much you love each other. Plaid blankets or options in warm colors like gold are particularly reflective of the fall season.


Hand-Knit Accessories

The crisp air means you get to bring out cuddly clothing, which is ideal for fall-themed photo sessions. Knit sweaters, scarves, mittens and hats can be pretty props for your session; if they are homemade, even better, as it will add special meaning to the picture. How cute would the family look posed in matching hats and mittens? How about your infant’s 6-month photos in the sweater and booties that Grandma knit for him? Bottom line: Knits are always a good choice this time of year.


Colorful Leaves

Red, yellow, purple — oh my! When treetops turn ablaze, you know fall has arrived. Whether you collect real leaves or use silk ones, these colorful natural treasures can enhance photography and inspire smiles. From simply spreading out in the foreground to throwing them up in the air and snapping that genuine smile as your child watches them drop to the ground, fall leaves are a perfect prop.


For more photo prop inspiration, visit our fall photography gallery. At your session you’re always welcome to bring your own props. You can also ask your photographer about what fall props they might suggest for your family that they have on hand in studios.

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