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Capture baby’s first Christmas with beautiful photography

Category: Holidays

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Capture baby’s first Christmas with beautiful photography

The wonder of the season paired with the pure angelic looks of an infant are inspiring. Because this is a time you’ll never want to forget, capture the memories in high-quality professional photography from JCPenney Portraits by Lifetouch.


A session celebrating baby’s first Christmas is a favorite of our photographers. They look forward to capturing the magic of the season with your little one as the star of the photograph. With a variety of backgrounds and props, you’ll get just the images you want, whether it’s a simple nod to the winter season or a whole lot of holiday joy, tree and all.


Here are a few examples to inspire:


1. Your newborn wrapped sweetly in a rich red gauze, gently sleeping on a white faux-fur blanket. Is she dreaming of sugar plums?


2. Your fast-growing baby sitting up exploring a variety of beautifully colored plastic ornaments. The photographer captures the perfect moment when he finds just the right color and smiles his biggest smile yet.


3. The newest member of the family is joined by big brother and big sister using a background with a gorgeous tree. The bond of your children is evident instantly in the image, proving a picture is worth a thousand words.


Whether you want first Christmas images for the family holiday greeting card, to frame proudly in your home or to create one-of-a-kind holiday gifts — or all of these — now is the time to book your session to capture your baby’s unique experience of his first holiday season.



Tips for infant photography sessions


Babies are breathtaking in holiday photographs, but it’s important for parents to be patient and prepared in order to have the best photography session possible. Consider these expert tips from the JCPenney Portraits photographers about how to have a successful infant session:


1. When baby is well-rested and fed, photography sessions tend to go smoothly and result in more high-quality images. Therefore, schedule your session around nap and feeding times. Bring extra bottles or other feeding supplies just in case baby needs a mid-session snack.


2. To help with any fussiness, bring comfort items such as blankets and toys. A beloved stuffed animal or interesting rattle can redirect the attention of children of all ages. Not to mention, they can also make for adorable props.


3. Go simple for clothing, especially for newborns. Fancy clothes and many layers overwhelm a small baby and tend to bunch up. The best pictures are with basic clothing. To add to the holiday theme, select clothing with holiday colors. When in doubt, pure white is always stunning.


4. Bring an extra set of clothes. Spit-ups and diaper leaks are a fact of life with a baby. Bring all the supplies to clean baby up, including extra clothing just in case.


Baby’s first holiday is a special time that deserves to be captured in quality photographs so it can be cherished forever. These images will enhance your memories year after year as you watch your little one grow and celebrate the most wonderful time of year.

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