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Simple Style Tips for Your Holiday Photography Session

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Simple Style Tips for Your Holiday Photography Session


You want your holiday photography to look UH-MAZING. But who has the time? Simple: Just follow these quick and easy tips and you’ll be coming home with images perfect for your annual Shutterfly holiday cards.


Keep It Consistent


Lately, groups seem to be trending away from getting “matchy-matchy” with their outfits. While it’s certainly an option for everyone to wear the exact same shirt and pants (we see you, twins!), more recently we’re seeing groups choose one or two common colors to work into their ensemble.


You can do this with patterns or textures as well. Just a simple, common element is all you need to create a timeless look.


So Plaid To See You!


That classic checkered print has never really gone out of style, but this season in particular, it’s rad to be plaid! We see it pop up in hats, scarves, ties. Outfitting the whole crew in cozy plaid, flannel pajamas from JCPenney is always a hit this time of year.


Merry & Bright


A touch of color is often all you need to create picture-perfect holiday cheer—it doesn’t take much! For instance, synchronizing your wardrobe so that a red belt pops up here and a red scarf there, can add all the warmth and charm you’re looking for.


Sweater Together


Nothing cozies up a room like a super comfy sweater. You can dress it up or dial it down. But whether you’re sporting a cable knit or a fleece, this classic holiday mainstay adds a fun, classic feel to your session. Go festive, classy, creative or campy. A sweater is always for the better.


Pro tip: Err on the side of comfy, not itchy. Especially for the kiddos!




Not ready to go all-in for a wardrobe upgrade? Accessories to the rescue! Doff your toddler in a smart looking hat. Spruce up your pre-teen in metallic jewelry.  As for you, whether it’s artisan earrings or a trendy tie, you can pair them with simple jeans and a top to bring out that extra splash of signature style.


Just Be You


Holiday photographs help you tell your story in all its glory. Dress up. Dress down. Give your hair a whole new do. Christmas pj’s? Yessss! Have fun with all of the fashion tips out there. But when in doubt, you can never go wrong with this one rule of thumb: Find what makes you shine.


Send Them Your Love


Whether you’re giving the family frame on the mantel an annual update or sharing your session with holiday cards or a photo gift, something as personal and heartfelt as your photograph is tailor made for the holidays.


Spots fill up fast. Schedule your holiday session today!


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