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7 tips for the best Easter photographs ever

Category: Photo Session Tips, Holidays

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7 tips for the best Easter photographs ever


Fresh blooms, gentle breezes, sunshine and longer days mean spring has officially arrived. This seasonal change also means Easter is on the way! Children adore the traditions this holiday brings and it is a special time for families to spend together.


Capture the magic of this holiday by ensuring you get a variety of images of your family. To get the best pictures that are sure to become cherished keepsakes, consider these tips from the photography experts at JCPenney Portraits:


Dress up: For many people, Easter is a religious holiday so it’s a special time for the entire family to dress nicely. With everyone looking so snazzy, make sure to capture some images in their Sunday best. Spring dresses, fresh button-ups, bows, ties and more make for adorable photos.


Embrace colors: Mother Nature begins to show an amazing assortment of colors in the spring, not to mention Easter decor is a bountiful source of vivid hues and patterns. Embrace this kaleidoscope of colors in photos to add energy to images and represent the season perfectly.


Professional photography: Kids can meet the Easter bunny and parents can capture the joy of that moment at the special Bunny Event at JCPenney Portraits. Kids of all ages have fun and you’ll enjoy the resulting professional images you can print and gift to family. Learn more about event times and locations now.


Talk it up: Before attending a studio session such as the Bunny Event, talk to kids about what to expect. The better prepared they are, the more likely they’ll have a good experience and you’ll get the images and facial expressions you’re hoping for in pictures.


Poses: Variety is the spice of life, so shake up your Easter photography by experimenting with different poses. Get images of kids individually and in groups, as well as family pictures, too! Think about different angles for unique perspectives. If you’re at a studio session, your photographer can offer suggestions.


Props: Set the tone for images by incorporating a variety of spring-themed props into your photo session for a personalized touch. Some simple ideas include:


– Colorful plastic eggs: Let kids hold eggs, place a bunch in a basket or try different designs on the ground when taking photographs from above. You can spell out the year in eggs or make the shape of a large heart and have your child sit or lay inside.


– Flowers: In spring, flowers begin to bud and bloom, so use floral accessories to liven up images. Children can hold bunches of real or silk flowers. Try to get a photo of them smelling the flowers or holding one out to you. The images that result are incredibly heartwarming.


– Bunny ears: Have a little fun by buying a few plush bunny ear headbands and let kids become the iconic animal of Easter. As they smile, laugh and hop with joy, snap those moments to capture the innocence of little ones during Easter time.


– Stuffed animals: Favorite stuffed animals are always fun props. For Easter time, bunnies, chicks, and lambs are especially appropriate.


Candid shots: Capturing photos of children in the moment can really convey the feelings of the Easter experience. Try to get action shots at the beginning of an egg hunt, the joy on the face of a child who just found their basket, or the concentration of a child carefully coloring eggs.


May you enjoy a happy Easter! When you take photos throughout your celebrations, you’ll be able to look back on this special time of year and smile.


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