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5 Creative Ways to Capture Family Milestones and Memories

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5 Creative Ways to Capture Family Milestones and Memories

The days are long but the years are short — has there ever been a truer statement if you’re a parent? You blink and your little ones seem to grow overnight!


It’s important to cherish every moment and mark the milestones so you always remember these precious times. Consider these creative ideas for capturing family milestones so you have something you can cherish now and for decades into the future.


Handprint Art

As your little ones grow, so too do their little fingers and toes! There are so many creative ways to use handprints and footprints to create mementos. From plates to holiday ornaments to cute canvases that transform prints into butterflies, flowers and more, there’s nothing better than capturing a moment in time through this type of artwork. Looking back at it as they grow is sure to make your heart melt.


Planting a Tree

Looking for a special way to mark a child’s birth or special occasion? Maybe you just moved into a new house or the kids are starting a new school and want to celebrate the event. Planting a tree in your yard is a Mother Nature–approved way to mark the moment. Plus, as the years pass and the tree grows, it’s a reminder of just how far your family has come.


Family Photography

When it comes to capturing special moments, there’s nothing better than professional photography. Whether it’s celebrating a birthday, honoring an event or showcasing your love during a special season or holiday, schedule an affordable family photography session with JCPenney Portraits. Choose from a variety of stylish backdrops and on-trend poses to perfectly reflect the unique personality of your group. Find a studio near you today and ask about current specials.


Family Scrapbooking

You probably have a baby book for your child’s first year of life. But have you ever considered marking each year of your time as a family in the same manner? Keeping a scrapbook throughout the year helps you remember to mark milestones big and small. You can include keepsakes from your child’s first airplane ride, trip to the amusement park or preschool graduation. A combination of your personal cellphone shots along with your professional JCPenney Portraits family photos enriches the scrapbook and showcases the special relationship between family members.


Birthday Artwork

Annual birthday photos are a must, whether in front of the cake at home or at the portrait studio. An additional way to celebrate another trip around the sun is to have your child create an annual canvas painting. Buy a small white canvas from your local craft store and some paints and let them go to town. When they’re little, you’ll likely get lots of abstract finger painting. As they grow, so too will their skills. Mark each canvas with their name and age before hanging. It’s fun to see what they create every year and how it evolves!

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