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What to Expect From a Newborn Photo Session

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What to Expect From a Newborn Photo Session

A newborn photography session is a special time to capture beautiful, timeless images of your new baby. Here are some things you can expect during a newborn photography session:


  1. The session will take place in a comfortable and safe environment, such as a studio or your home.
  2. The photographer will take a variety of poses with your baby
  3. The photographer will use props, such as blankets, baskets, and hats, to create a variety of looks.
  4. The photographer will provide you with a selection of digital images that you can use to create prints, photo albums, and other keepsakes.


Overall, a newborn photography session should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for both you and your baby. The photographer will work with you to ensure that your vision for the session is realized and that you are happy with the final results.


What Is a Newborn Photography Session?

A newborn photography session is a photo shoot that is specifically designed to capture images of a newborn baby, usually within the first few weeks of life. These sessions are often done in a professional photographer’s studio, typically with the goal of capturing beautiful, timeless images that will be treasured for years to come.


During a newborn photography session, the photographer will typically take a variety of posed and candid shots of the baby, as well as photos of the baby with the parents and other family members. The photographer may use props and accessories, such as blankets, wraps, hats, and headbands, to add visual interest to the images. The photographer will also take care to ensure that the baby is comfortable and safe throughout the session.


Newborn photography sessions can be a special and meaningful way to document the first days of a baby’s life, and the resulting images can be a beautiful and lasting reminder of this special time.

Families with Older Children


The exciting thing about newborn photo sessions for families with older children is that it’s a unique way of getting the entire family to work toward a common goal. You can use it as a teaching method for your older children on the importance of teamwork and being there for one another as a family. 

What Should I Expect From a Newborn Photography Session?

It’s essential to remember that your new baby is different from their older siblings. So it’s best to keep an open mind when planning newborn sessions.


Here are some things you should expect during your newborn photography session.

Visual Imagination

You should have a visual picture of how you want the session to turn out, which would help the photo session feel less like a chore and more like a fun event. It’s best to have this figured out before your due date, so you are not overwhelmed when the baby arrives. 


Think about important elements such as costumes, themes, location, and time.



These are the different outfits that’ll be worn during the photo session. Costumes are great, and selecting the appropriate outfits is a prerequisite to having memorable moments at your newborn session


Also, selecting appropriate costumes can help set the right tone and energy during newborn sessions. You should also choose outfits that are themes appropriate for synchronization. There are tons of inspirations available on the internet to help guide your choice, depending on your budget and preference. 




Themes are a significant part of newborn sessions because it spells out what, how, and when the shoot should be done.  


However, you should be flexible when selecting your themes and ensure the items you need will get to you before the day of the shoot. Also, verify that the items you intend to use for the shoot are appropriate for a newborn session.




Most newborn sessions happen indoors because you need to keep your baby warm, and Indoors can mean either a photography studio or in your home. If you give birth during the summer, your newborn photographer might agree to an outdoor shoot.




Whether you need daylight or aim for your new baby’s most active time or sleeping hours, having your newborn photography session at the best time that works for all concerned parties will help immensely.


It’s also best to schedule newborn sessions within the first two weeks of birth, as babies do little or no activity rather than sleeping. 


Session Length

This usually overshoots slightly because babies cannot be rushed; you should have that in the back of your mind as you approach your newborn session. This prepares you adequately for stunts; your newborn baby would respond better if the environment is less tense. So stay calm and relaxed; all will go as planned with the newborn photographer. 


Our sessions last 15 minutes, and our experienced photographers can capture the love and connection between you and your newborn without having to spend hours doing a complicated photo shoot.


Change of Plans

You’ll agree that it’s not easy to photograph babies. This is because they are unpredictable and have a mind of their own. And this is why it is advisable to be flexible when choosing your props and styles. 


It’s best to pick props and styles for both when your newborn baby is sleeping and when your new baby is awake. That way, you will still have good pictures no matter what happens during the newborn session. 


Newborn sessions are never strictly for your new baby, as parents, siblings, and family members get to join them in sharing camera moments. You get to glam up and might decide to hire professionals to help you with some activities, such as:


  • Hairstyling
  • Makeup
  • Dress styling
  • Nails 


Our experienced photographers will ensure your photo shoot goes smoothly, with minimal to no delays, while capturing the magical moments between you and your newborn. 

Emotional Moments

You probably have been planning for the photography session way before your due date, and you finally get to see the results. This might leave you feeling every emotion of parenthood but in a good way. 


Newborn sessions make you shed a few drops of joyful tears, and your newborn photographer might be spontaneous enough to capture it. 

There Will Be Wraps

Wraps are essential and available for babies under six weeks. They also help with appropriate wrap styling and appropriate poise. We encourage you to bring your own wraps and blankets to the shoot.

Parents Can Join In

You, your partner, and your parents can also join the photo session. Note that you should have discussed this with the newborn photographer and gotten your theme-appropriate costumes ready.

You’ll Need Plenty of Supplies

It’s important to bring many supplies for the baby, such as extra diapers, wipes, pacifiers, formula, clothes, etc. Babies tend to get irritated, and the supplies you bring can help calm your newborn. 

Temperatures Tend To Be Warm

Newborn sessions usually happen in a warm environment, so you should bring appropriate clothing. So your new baby is not too hot, it’s great to consider this during planning.

You Can Bring Props

Newborn photography always has props; the photographer supplies most of them, but you can also bring them. 


Babies tend to look even cuter in some of these props, which is why it has become popular during newborn sessions. 


Choosing appropriate props for newborn photography is advisable, as babies tend to cry when they become uncomfortable.

What Will the Results Look Like?

You’ll be amazed at the number of pictures you took during the newborn photography session, and your newborn photographer will require you and your partner to choose your best options.


Depending on your and your partner’s preferences, you can get hard copies of the pictures or customize them with design overlays, baby announcements, etc.


The final images can be made into wall art, canvas prints, photo cards, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions below:

When should I schedule a newborn photography session?

You can schedule a newborn photography appointment as early as when you are 25 weeks pregnant.

Can I schedule baby milestone sessions while at the studio?

Yes, you can.

What age is best for newborn photography?

The consensus is weeks one to two because babies usually do less during this period, but any newborn stage will work.

Book a Newborn Photography Session Today

Book an appointment, then relax and enjoy the session. Newborn photography can be a special and memorable experience, and with the right photographer, you can capture beautiful and timeless images of your new family member. Also check out our newborn event on 3/23. 

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