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Tips for Including Pets in Holiday Photographs

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Tips for Including Pets in Holiday Photographs


Do you have a beloved family pet who brings you joy each day? From perfect purrs to wet nose nuzzles, pets provide companionship and undying loyalty. When your family isn’t complete without your furry companions, it’s worth adding them to your holiday photo session.


Pet photography is trending and there’s no better time to include your cat or dog in a family photo shoot than during the holidays. Fortunately, JCPenney Portraits sets special time aside each month specifically for pet photographs. Call your local studio to learn more and book a time that works for you!


To get the most out of your photo session and ensure you get some merry photos of your family and your special pet, consider these smart tips:


Dress Festive

Some animals are comfortable wearing a cute sweater or holiday hat. If so, feel free to dress your pet to coordinate with your family’s outfits. However, if they are bothered by the extras, best to avoid, otherwise you’ll have distracted and grumpy pets who won’t want to pose for pictures.



When in doubt, a fun collar can be just the dash of color needed to complete a holiday photograph. In ruby red, rich green or even cheerful plaid print, a collar can add style and seasonality to your pet’s look and makes for adorable portraits.


Bring Treats

If your pet has a favorite treat, it’s wise to bring some to a session. With some pets, bribery will get you everywhere. Pack a baggie of tasty treats and you’re sure to capture your pet’s attention. Inside tip: Stick to dry treats to avoid any mess.


Bathroom First

If possible, have your pet go to the bathroom before visiting the studio. While accidents happen, many can be avoided by taking a potty break before the session fun begins.


Holiday Props

In addition to special holiday-themed backgrounds, your expert JCPenney Portraits photographer will suggest props that enhance the seasonal essence of the photograph. Although they have a variety to choose from at the studio, feel free to bring your own props for you or your pet, such as a bone with a big bow or a fun new holiday chew toy.


It wouldn’t be the same enjoying that holiday feast without sneaking Fido a few bites. After a long work week, there’s nothing better than cozying up by the fire and having your kitty curl up on your lap. Your pets are part of your holiday experience, so be sure to include them in the greetings that you send to friends and family. Learn more about pet photography events today.


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