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Pet photography do’s and don’ts

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Pet photography do’s and don’ts


You love your family … big, small, furry, and all. Pets make a house feel like a home and provide unconditional love, so it makes sense you would want them included in family photography!


Pet photography is a top trend that you can be a part of when you call and schedule a session at your local JCPenney Portraits. The resulting images will warm your heart and can be proudly displayed now, and cherished for many years to come.


There are a few things you can do to help your pet photography session go smoothly. Keep in mind these do’s and don’ts so you have the best experience possible:


Do’s of pet photography

– Do call the studio. Due to special planning involved, you cannot book a pet session online. Call today and fill out a pet waiver.


– Do bring props. If your pet has a special blanket or toy, bring it along! It can help make them more comfortable, plus it transforms the image into a more meaningful keepsake.


– Do bring pet accessories: If your pet is comfortable and accustomed to wearing clothing or other wardrobe accessories, feel free to dress them up or bring attire. You can do some images with items on and others without.


– Do make a pre-session potty stop: Accidents happen, but being proactive will help ensure the studio and your pet stays clean and tidy. What’s more, pets are more relaxed if they have already gone to the bathroom, which makes for better images.


– Do be inspired: There are so many adorable possibilities when it comes to pet photography. Get excited and be inspired by exploring the pet photography gallery. 


Don’ts of pet photography

– Don’t force outfits: If your pet isn’t used to wearing clothing, this is not the best time to experiment. While a bow, sweater, or other accessory may seem cute, if they aren’t comfortable wearing it, they will spend the whole session squirming.


– Don’t worry about pet size: While dogs are the most common subjects for pet photography, that doesn’t mean you’re limited to canines. Pets of any size are welcome; just check with your local studio first. Cats, bunnies, turtles … you name it.


– Don’t worry about poses: Whether you’re getting a solo image of your pet or images with the entire family, there’s no need to fret about poses. The JCPenney Portraits expert photographers know what works best for pets and will make suggestions.


– Don’t expect perfection: While it’s possible to get an image with everyone looking at the camera, some of the most heart-warming images are of families interacting with their pets. When you review your images, thndid shots might very well be your favorite.


– Don’t forget the treats: To help get your pet to cooperate, bring some of his or her favorite treats. The studio is a new experience for pets, and a special treat can help ensure a smooth session for everyone.


Your pet has given you countless memories. You can preserve those memories and document your family just as it is — fur babies and all — by planning a pet photography session today.


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