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Military Photos Capture Special Moments for Loved Ones

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Military Photos Capture Special Moments for Loved Ones


When you’re part of the military, you dedicate your life to your country. You vow to protect the freedoms everyone enjoys, and your duties may take you halfway around the world. It’s a tough job, an important job.


It’s also a job that impacts your family.


If you have a spouse, you may not see that person for many months while deployed. If you have kids, you may miss milestone moments and have to connect via letters or phone calls. Your parents, siblings and other loved ones are bound to miss you, and you’ll surely miss them.


When it comes to the military, the entire family makes sacrifices. If a military person is away, it can be difficult for those at home and those overseas. A simple photograph can help connect loved ones even if they are thousands of miles away. It’s a ray of sunshine and a reminder love is there even if a person is not physically present.


Why Military Photographs Matter


Special military photos have a heartfelt theme with patriotic undertones that are sure to be cherished now and for years to come. JCPenney Portraits is proud to offer military photography options to all people who serve. You might choose to do a military family photo session before a deployment. You might also choose to do military-themed photos for when the person is gone and send them as a special surprise in the mail.


For example, when Dad is gone, kids can grow quickly. A picture of his children by the American flag can be the perfect way to lift his spirits and help him feel closer to home. When a baby is born, newborn military photos are also a stunning way to honor Dad and his important work.


Of course, these pictures are cherished by family members, too. When a loved one is gone, a picture holds incredible meaning. A child can look over at a picture and feel like Mom or Dad is looking over them. A spouse can feel connected to their other half or a parent can feel closer to their deployed adult child simply by displaying these beautiful images in special places throughout the home.


Military Photography Discounts


JCPenney Portraits wants to make it easy for all military families to get professional photography taken of loved ones. When you present your military ID and this printable coupon, you receive:


  • Free session fees
  • Free 8-by-10-inch standard print
  • 50 percent off your photo purchase
  • $99.99 digital album


At JCPenney Portraits, we support our troops! Visit the Military Gallery for photo ideas your family near and far will adore.


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