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Thank You to All Who Have Served

Category: Military Blogs
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Thank You to All Who Have Served


It takes a special type of person to join the military. Someone who is kind. Someone who is brave. Someone who is strong, both mentally and physically. And perhaps the most special quality of all: Someone who is willing to choose a career where they put others above themselves constantly.



No matter which branch of the U.S. military they work for, it’s these amazing men and women that keep us safe and ensure our freedoms. Thanks to them, you have no limits on the life you want to create. Thanks to them, we all can enjoy life to the fullest.



Being a military member can be difficult. It can mean long hours, tough missions and deployments overseas. Military families make deep sacrifices in order to serve. It may just be one adult in the service, but it also means spouses and kids are along for the tough journey. This could require moving frequently, adjusting to radical work hours and not seeing a significant other for months, maybe years.



On days like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, we take time to honor military members and their families for their sacrifices. These days are special, but when you think about it more closely, they deserve our thanks every single day. It’s not an easy job, but it’s certainly necessary for our country to remain safe, secure and prosperous.



Thank you for your service now.



Thank you for your service in the future.



We are humbled by your bravery and sacrifices for our great country.



When military members are deployed, something as simple as a photograph can help families feel connected. A father overseas may find joy looking at a family photo of his children and wife. For those back home, these images are equally as precious. The picture of Dad hugging his kids becomes a cherished keepsake, a reason to remember and stay positive until he returns home safely.



At JCPenney Portraits we know how important it is for military families to stay strong and feel connected, no matter the distance between them. Capturing moments together in the perfect image says more than words ever could. As a small token of our appreciation for all the sacrifices military families make, we offer a special discount to those in the armed services. Members can receive a free 8-by-10 print, free session fees, a $99.99 digital album, and 50 percent off any photo purchase or $3.99 standard prints, when you present your Military ID.



We will always support our troops and hope that this small gesture can help grow your family bond and keep you connected no matter what.


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