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First Birthday Photo Ideas that Capture Their Special Milestone

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First Birthday Photo Ideas that Capture Their Special Milestone

It seems like just yesterday you were holding your sweet angel in your arms for the first time. Wow, that whirlwind first year brought plenty of firsts for you both! A child’s first birthday is a time you’ll always remember. It’s a big milestone and certainly one worth commemorating with a party, treats and plenty of pictures.


First birthday photography is a popular way to celebrate the occasion and capture this special moment in time so you can enjoy it for many years to come. There are a variety of adorable and fun photo themes perfect for the unique personalities of 1-year-olds. For inspiration, the experts at JCPenney Portraits share some of the most popular:



Whether it’s your tot holding a single bright balloon or he’s surrounded by a big balloon bouquet, this quintessential birthday decor item instantly conveys a celebratory theme. Bring a bunch in rainbow colors, select just your favorite hue or pick a few to complement the outfit your child is wearing. Bonus: Balloons always tend to get a smile out of young children.


Chalk Writing

Colorful and age-appropriate, chalk is a wonderful way to add special words and phrases to first birthday photographs. JCPenney Portraits has small chalkboards that your child can hold or that can be placed strategically in the photo setting. A specially designed floor even allows for writing on the ground. “Look who is 1” has never looked more fun!


Little Man or Little Lady

Dressing your tot up can make for adorable first birthday photos. Who can deny the cute factor of little guys donning bow ties and suspenders? Little ladies dressed up in twirly tutus and long strands of pearls are sugar and spice and everything nice! Have a few outfit ideas? Bring them along, as you may have time to change.



Mom and Dad can be a part of the birthday photo session too! Get a few images of your child solo and then jump in the picture for some fun family poses. A popular pose focuses on the child in the center with parents holding a hand on each side. This touching image conveys the strength of the family bond and just how meaningful this birthday celebration is for everyone.


Party Hats

It’s easy to transform any photo into a birthday theme with a party hat. JCPenney Portraits has pink and blue party hats that feature a number that can be changed out from one to three based on the child’s age. Get a picture of your child on their first birthday and then repeat each year afterward. It’s so much fun to compare year after year to see how much your child has grown!


First birthdays are a joy for the entire family. The problem is they come and go fast! Book a first birthday photo session now so as not to miss this important milestone.

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