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Design Overlays: The Perfect Enhancement to Your Photographs

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Design Overlays: The Perfect Enhancement to Your Photographs


You just finished your photo session and have several images you adore. What could make an amazing photograph that much more amazing? A design overlay, of course!


Digital photography opens a world of possibilities. One popular way to enhance photos is with design overlays. These digital enhancements are added to your photograph and often feature fun designs or words and phrases to make the photo truly unique.


At JCPenney Portraits, there are many design overlays to choose from. Here are some of the most popular overlay themes to consider for your next portraits.



“Ahoy it’s a boy” might be the perfect enhancement to your newborn shot. Another popular option includes simple white stars and a moon that add a beautiful innocence to any infant photograph.



Up the ante on this year’s birthday photography with numerous banner overlays that instantly make a photograph feel like a party. You can also add in words like “Birthday Girl” or “Birthday Boy” as well as note how old the child is so you always remember that special moment in time.



Boom! Pow! If your child loves dressing up as a superhero, these design overlays are for you. Using classic cartoon fonts, you’ll be able to make your child look like he’s coming right out of a comic book. Your super kid is sure to look super cool and want to share these images with the entire family.



There’s something special about an image of a parent with their child. With a variety of design overlays, your photo can portray your unbreakable bond. “Like mother like daughter,” “Like father like son,” or natural phrases like “Together is a wonderful place to be” tug at the heartstrings.



Baptisms and first communions are two of the most popular themes for religious photography. When you come in for a session to mark these special occasions, you can also choose from a variety of religious design overlays to enhance the images. From Bible verses to a simple white cross, overlays can add the perfect touch you’re looking for.



Some designs have no words at all but can be the ideal way to enhance your family photographs. Add a playful touch with a simple kite next to your child. A silhouette of a chandelier looks breathtaking over a sleeping baby. Beautiful pastel florals add a fresh touch to any image. Inquire about options and get ready to be wowed.


Learn more and be inspired by exploring a variety of design overlays available in the gallery. If you’re interested in a particular design overlay, you can see a sample of how your photograph will look with it right at the studio. Try a few options out and order the ones you like best! It’s fun, easy and, most importantly, helps you create a unique photograph that you’ll have forever.


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