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College Grad to Seasoned Executive: Why Everyone Needs Professional Headshots

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College Grad to Seasoned Executive: Why Everyone Needs Professional Headshots

The modern business landscape calls for virtually every type of business to have a website. Whether it’s for a Fortune 500 company or a single entrepreneur just getting started, a website informs users of the organization’s benefits and markets the products or services.


Images are a key part of a business’s website, helping tell their story and adding color and character to the brand. When you skim a company’s website, you’ll probably see various kinds of imagery, but one thing you’ll most certainly find are professional headshots of the important people at the organization.


Often featured in the About Us or Our Team pages, these headshots help form relationships. People like seeing who they’ll be working with, and that can build trust. A nice professional headshot is a worthwhile investment for every professional, regardless of age, and its use goes well beyond the company website.


Whether you just graduated from college or you’re a seasoned executive who’s already spent decades in the C-suite, a headshot is a useful tool to help you define your professional image. Here are five other ways to make the best use of your headshot:


Social media: Whether it’s a recruiter looking for your skillset or simply other professionals reaching out to network, having a professional headshot on your social media pages is a smart move. This is particularly important on professional social media sites. Having a photograph engages viewers while helping you market and control your professional image.


Email signature: Every time you send an email, you probably have a standard signature with your name and contact details. You can add a headshot to your signature for more personalized communication. While some emails can feel cold, a photograph shows the recipient that they are speaking to a real person, which helps strengthen relationships.


Industry association forums: You may join an industry association related to your profession. Some of the most powerful networking opportunities of these associations happen online through forum and group chats. Add a headshot to create a professional avatar on these sites and you’re sure to stand out in a positive way.


Publicity and presentations: Add a personal touch to any outreach effort by adding a headshot to your publicity materials. A brochure, newsletter, coupon and more can benefit from a high-quality headshot. If you’re asked to give a presentation, whether it’s B2B or B2C, using your headshot as a cover image for printed materials or on your digital slideshow can be a wonderful way to start things off.


Business cards: Business cards continue to be a useful networking and communication tool. Whether printed or digital business cards, add a headshot to make them more personal. This is especially useful at trade shows and industry events where you meet many people in a short period of time. Having that image at their fingertips will instantly remind them of who you are, helping you make a lasting impression.


Consider scheduling affordable, high-quality professional headshots today so you don’t miss another professional opportunity for yourself or your business.

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