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5 mistakes to avoid while planning your photography session

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5 mistakes to avoid while planning your photography session


You scheduled an upcoming family photo session at JCPenney Portraits and are excited to get some beautiful images of your loved ones. You envision everyone looking nice, smiling naturally and emanating love. But mistakes can happen, and if you want to create the perfect family photo, beware of these common pitfalls.


Mistake: Busy patterns


Solution: Paisley, polka dots, and zig-zags may look cute on clothes, but they won’t translate well in photographs. What’s more, they distract from the true stars of the photo: your family. When in doubt, opt for solid colors, which are a classic win.


Mistake: Matchy-matchy outfits


Solution: While you should dress everyone in a similar style, it doesn’t have to be exactly the same. Stick with styles and colors that complement each other. While you want people to dress differently, don’t go too far with clashing styles either. For example, don’t mix casual and formal clothing in professional photography.


Mistake: Too much pressure


Solution: We get it. It’s easy to get excited about new family photography. This excitement can cause caregivers to become a little overbearing toward the kids, which in turn puts undue pressure on them — a recipe for disaster. While you should review expectations for photo day, don’t end up stressing your kids out; it will show in the images.


Mistake: Not using your photographer


Solution: Have a question? Speak up! Your JCPenney Portraits photographer is expertly trained and has the experience to help you get through virtually anything. If you’re not sure what you want in your session, just ask. You’ll get thoughtful input on backgrounds, styling and props that will perfectly showcase your family’s personality.


Mistake: Too controlling


Solution: Let go and have fun! When everyone relaxes and has a good time, you’ll get those amazing authentic smiles, and the love you have for one another is sure to shine through. Take the first step toward a great photo experience by booking your JCPenney Portraits session today.

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