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5 fantastic photography prop ideas for all ages

Category: Outfits & Props
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5 fantastic photography prop ideas for all ages


Props are a wonderful way to personalize a photograph. Keep in mind, props aren’t just for newborn sessions or senior photography. Props are for any time and for all ages!


Whether it adds style, visual interest or a meaningful element — or all three — consider opportunities for props at your next photography session. Here are some popular prop ideas from the experts at JCPenney Portraits.


Favorite items


Is there something special to you or your child that you’d like featured in the image? For kids, favorite items can really be defining for an age and bring wonderful personality to photographs. Perhaps it’s the blanket your child can’t fall asleep without or a favorite stuffed animal. Or maybe it’s your teen’s favorite hat that is worn every day. These items capture a subject’s individuality and help create a lasting keepsake.


Hobbies or interests


What hobbies do your children have? If your daughter loves trains, bring her favorite train set and dress her up as an engineer. Does your son adore sports? Bring a ball to your session. Does your whole family love a certain athletic team? Have everyone dress up in jerseys for a fun family photography session! From knitting and drawing to dancing and beyond, props can be incorporated tastefully for virtually any interest. Just think about what makes you or your family one of a kind!


Family heirlooms


Do you have a carefully knit shawl made by your great-grandmother that you just love? What better way to show how special it is than to bring it to your photography session and incorporate it into your pose? Or how about a special book that you used to read with your parents that now you regularly read to your kids? This will add deep meaning to a family photography session while helping to highlight the family bond. Special heirlooms and other cherished items can elevate a photo to make it even more special.




Photography captures milestones so they can be cherished forever. If you or a member of your family has recently celebrated an achievement, it’s the perfect reason to schedule a photography session, and items that represent these achievements are wonderful props. For example, a diploma shows an educational accomplishment, whether it’s a kindergarten graduation or when Dad earns his MBA. Trophies from competitions are another example of achievement props, which can be fun when paired with competition attire or simply with your preferred photography outfit.


Seasonal selections


Every season has a unique beauty that can be inspirational when you’re considering photography props. For example, summer and spring are quintessential times for flowers, so grab a bunch of your favorite blooms and bring them to your next session. For autumn months, pumpkins, apples and baskets are fun additions. For winter photographs, consider the activities your family loves. For example, for families who like to hit the slopes, bring in a few sets of skis and have everyone dress in colorful knit winter hats and mittens.


Have your own ideas for props? Bring items to your session and discuss your vision with your photographer. Looking for inspiration? Check out our Prop Ideas Gallery. Whatever the prop, personal items are a great way to create a photograph like no other.


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