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3 Smart Tips to Save Money on Family Photos

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3 Smart Tips to Save Money on Family Photos

Your social media feed is full of friends’ beautiful family photos. You ask and they paid several hundred dollars just for the session, not even including the cost of the prints themselves! You want the same high-quality family photos but at a more reasonable price point.


What are you to do?


Fortunately, there are a few tricks for saving money while still getting family photographs you’re proud to show off. If you want incredible family pictures for less, follow these three simple tips:


Visit a Studio

Hiring a private photographer can be expensive. Photography studios are set up to offer similar photos that embrace top photography trends and props at a fraction of the price. JCPenney Portraits, for example, offers tried-and-true classic photography as well as rotating seasonal backgrounds and exciting themed events that let you capture the bright personality of each member of your family. You may find this method so affordable that you can get photos done several times a year rather than just once!


Monitor Coupons and Promotions

Certain photographers and studios run promotions from time to time. By keeping tabs on these you can save yourself a bundle. You may even receive coupons in the mail or newspaper. Often promotions are seasonal or holiday-related to encourage people to visit during these periods. Who knows, you may discover free sitting fees, percentages off of photo purchases and even favorite pose packages at deep discounts.


Sign Up for Email Newsletters

E-newsletters are a wonderful outreach tool for businesses and photographers. When you sign up for these newsletters, you will be periodically emailed useful information that may be of interest. This is also an effective strategy for hearing first about the latest promotions and special deals for subscribers. JCPenney Portraits maintains an exciting e-newsletter that features the newest products and special promotions. Simply sign up here and get the latest news sent right to you. Of course you can unsubscribe at any time.



These three simple steps can save you hundreds of dollars over alternatives. You’ll smile big at the beautiful photographs of your loved ones, and you’ll smile even bigger because you paid so much less than your friends.

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