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10 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Make Her Smile

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10 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Make Her Smile

Breakfast in bed or a trip to brunch are classic Mother’s Day gifts. This year, why not shake things up and give her something meaningful yet unexpected? To make her smile extra big consider these 10 unique Mother’s Day gift ideas loaded with sentiment.


Jar of Love

Have the entire family think about all the different things they love about Mom. Write each on a small piece of paper and fold before placing in a Mason jar. Tie the jar with a ribbon and gift to Mom. She can read all at once or select a few each day to be reminded of just how special she is.


Handprint Art

Make her artwork she’ll be proud to display using those little hands she loves so much. Go to the local craft store and buy a white wall canvas and acrylic paint. Then create “flowers” by having each child press their hand in colorful paint and leave an impression on the canvas. Then simply add stems and you have a beautiful representation of your family.


Candy Card

Use her favorite candy to make a personalized card she will love! By incorporating word play you can create a fun card that uses popular candy you can get at the local convenience store. Mom, we love you heaps and “mounds”. Love, your little “3 musketeers”. You get the idea.


Photo Gifts

A picture is worth a thousand words, so say “I love you” many times over with unique photo gifts. Schedule a professional photo session of the kids and create custom photo gifts at JCPenney Portraits. This keepsake will be cherished for years to come.


Scavenger Hunt

From hand soap to her favorite decadent treat, hide small gifts for Mom throughout the house or yard with clues leading her from one to the next. Have the family assist her finding each treasure and have tons of fun in the process.


Picnic in the Park

Skip the busy restaurant and get some fresh air by planning a relaxing picnic in a local park or garden. Pack up all the essentials for a tasty meal and be sure to serve her first! After you eat, take a stroll hand-in-hand and tell her how much you care.


Dance Party

Play Mom’s favorite music and have a family dance party. Take turns moving and grooving and let Mom be the judge of who wins best in show.


Fingerprint Pot

Spring has sprung and a new fun pot is perfect for a fresh bloom. Get a plain terracotta pot and have each child dot the pot in colorful thumb prints using acrylic paint. When dry, paint little legs, antennas and faces to create adorable bugs.


Coupon Book

Have the kids craft a coupon book full of things they can do for Mom. From free hugs to cleaning their room sans whining, Mom will love the ideas they come up with.


Crafty Card

For little kids, sorting and gluing are fun activities, so making a themed card together to give to Mom can be a lot of fun. For example, fold a piece of craft paper to create a card and then outline a heart. Have your child glue puzzle pieces or raisins along the heart line. Once dry, add a catchy saying like “I love you to pieces” or “Thanks for raisin me!”

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