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10 Newborn Photography Tips for Parents To Make Life Easier

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10 Newborn Photography Tips for Parents To Make Life Easier


The newborn stage of your child’s life is one of the shortest but most precious times. Most parents say you blink and you will miss it. Scheduling newborn photo sessions is a great way to capture and keep these moments alive. You must prepare several things to ensure your newborn photo shoot goes well. Follow newborn photography tips for parents, like washing your baby’s hair or bringing plenty of supplies.

10 Newborn Photography Tips for Parents To Make Life Easier

There are many newborn photography tips for parents to ensure a smooth time at the photo studio. 

Feed Before a Shoot

The first tip of newborn photography is to feed your baby before a shoot. Most newborn babies will be happy and tired after a full meal. Having a content and sleepy baby can make it easier to catch those calm moments. Most newborn photo sessions have a curled-up or otherwise sleeping position. 


Feeding your baby twenty to thirty minutes before the newborn photography session can ensure a calm baby. A quiet baby is less likely to cry and more likely to sleep. A sleepy baby will give you the perfect relaxed shots. After a big meal and burping session, you will have a happy and “milk-drunk” baby. A relaxed baby will benefit itself, the newborn photographer, and you, as the parent. Everyone will be more at ease and relaxed. 


Avoid giving a full meal before the shoot to ensure your baby is ready for a big meal when you arrive. Arrive early to the newborn photo session to make sure your baby is fed and comfortable by photo-taking time. You can give the baby small meals or snacks to get them by until it is time for the shoot.

Avoid Naps

Like avoiding a full meal is important before the newborn photo shoot so is avoiding naps. Avoiding naps before the photo session can make sure your baby will sleep through most of the session. Having a tired baby that wants to nap for the entire session can help the newborn photographer position the baby to those cute sleeping positions. 


Keeping your baby up for a few hours before your session to help make sure your newborn baby will sleep through the whole newborn photo shoot. A baby awake for most of the session is more likely to cry or scream during the photo shoot. You want to evade those red-faced angry pictures. 


Although, you may want awake baby photos as well. You can save the images with the baby awake for last after your baby has taken a slight nap. Likely your baby will wake up happy and refreshed, which would make some precious pictures.  

Let Baby Lead if Possible

Let the baby take charge; they know what position they are comfortable in. Newborn babies will lie in the cutest places without the photographer’s help. Let the baby lead if it is possible. If you have an experienced newborn photographer, they will know how to adjust your baby into positions. 


Allow the baby to do what they want to do. You can get great pictures by simply doing that. Your experienced photographer will likely know how to let the baby lead. If they have experience, they have done this process enough times to know what works and what does not.


Let the photographer give you a few tips and tricks about letting the baby lead. It is best to avoid posing your baby as it can look unnatural and cause discomfort to the baby. Posed newborn pictures are much less appealing than naturally posed baby pictures.

Take Breaks

Children and babies can get frustrated doing something they do not particularly enjoy doing. As with any child, taking a break with your newborn baby is essential during this process. If your baby begins to get grumpy during the newborn session, consider taking a break to relax and calm your baby.


Try to take breaks before the newborn gets finicky to make sure the newborn photo session goes smoothly. Make sure your baby has what they need at all times to avoid an upset baby. 


You can try feeding them, giving them a pacifier, playing, or doing diaper changes. Take a few photos at a time, take a feeding break, take a few more, and then take another break and repeat. You may have a more extended session than you had hoped, taking numerous breaks. However, multiple breaks will ensure a successful newborn photography session.

Be Extra Patient

Patience is a vital step in a successful newborn photo shoot. As you should always be patient with a newborn, you should be extra patient during a newborn photo session. Being extra patient will ensure your baby’s environment is calm and relaxed. A quiet and comfortable atmosphere promotes your baby to be happy and peaceful.


Keep your baby warm, as a cold baby can be fussy. A calm baby is a top priority in a newborn session. Do not get frustrated or embarrassed when things do not go as planned.


Newborn babies can be unpredictable and do things like have an accident while doing naked baby pictures. More than likely, things will go wrong in your newborn photography sessions. Expect things to go a bit awry, and be patient. Most newborn photographers will be used to these things and usually are more patient. 

Don’t Use Lotion

You may want to put lotion on your newborn baby before the photo shoot to make sure their skin looks healthy and moisturized. Although doing so will do the complete opposite, it could make your baby’s skin shiny. Shiny skin is not the best look for newborn photos. 


One exception to this tip could be if your baby has dry skin or eczema that requires lotion. Studio lighting can cause your baby’s skin to shine, which will not look good in pictures and could throw off the photographer’s lighting. 


If you must apply lotion to your baby for any reason, a cream-based lotion is best. A cream-based lotion will not shine under the light. Stay clear of oil-based lotions, as they can make your baby look oily and shiny.

Consider a Natural Pose

As mentioned earlier, your baby knows what is comfortable and what is not. Let your baby curl up into the position that they want. Babies naturally lie in the cutest of ways. You can capture your baby’s natural, cozy poses. 


Once your baby gets comfortable in a position, you can use a few rolled-up bath towels to position the baby into a more elegant picture pose. You could also use swaddle blankets to get some lovely shots. 


Some of the best pictures are simply of your baby lying how they sleep or swaddled up into a swaddle blanket. A classic pose is a baby lying and being held in the parent’s arms.

Have More Than One Outfit

As a parent, you know that messes and accidents are bound to happen with children or infants. Bring a couple of outfits to your newborn photography session to make sure you come prepared for any accidents. 


For a newborn photo session, a few outfits are a must. You should bring around two to three outfits, depending on how many photos you want. Bring a few adorable baby outfits to the newborn session to ensure the final pictures turn out stunning. Neutral colors like mild tones, creams, or soft colors will give a personal feel to your photographs. 


Many newborn sessions include photos of parents and the baby. As a parent, you may want to check out your closet. You should avoid wearing things that will go outdated with time, such as chunky jewelry or watches. 

Wash Baby’s Hair

On the day of the photoshoot, you want to make sure your baby’s hair looks good. As with lotion, unwashed hair can pick up on camera, causing your baby’s hair to look greasy or oily. Ensure you wash your baby’s hair with a baby-friendly shampoo on the day of the newborn photo session. 


Alternatively, you can simply rinse your baby’s hair with a damp sponge to give the same effect. Ensuring your baby’s hair is clean and fluffed up will make for a successful newborn photo session. 

Bring Plenty of Supplies

To have a successful newborn photo session, you must bring plenty of supplies. Anything that you think you might need, bring it just in case.


Most importantly, bring things like: 


  • Diapers. 
  • A change of clothes.
  • A pacifier.  
  • Wipes. 
  • A bottle.
  • Formula or breast milk.
  • Swaddling blanket. 


Bring all the supplies you can think of to soothe a cranky baby if need be. You want to avoid a grumpy baby as much as possible. If you bring the proper supplies, you can do that. You may want to consider bringing something else to make your baby happy such as a toy or game. 

When Should a Newborn Photography Session Be Organized?

You should schedule newborn sessions within the first 14 days of birth. Babies are more sleepy at this age, making for a successful newborn photo session. Your newborn baby can curl up into the cutest poses at this age, making for adorable newborn photos. 


The ideal time to schedule your newborn photography sessions is within the 7-day-old to 14-day-old time frame. In the first seven days of birth, your baby is more likely to have jaundiced skin, which will not look as appealing as when they are above seven days.

Why You Need to Manage Your Expectations

Newborn photography can be frustrating. A newborn will not always cooperate how you want them to. As a parent of a newborn, you know newborns are the farthest thing from predictable. There is no way to prepare thoroughly. No matter how much you prepare, something will always be imperfect.


Tell your newborn photographer your vision of the newborn photos when setting up your newborn photography session. Most newborn photographers will know what to expect if they have done newborn pictures in the past. 


Your photographer can tell you what to expect if they have done it multiple times. Lean on your photographer for a bit of guidance if this is your first time. Most newborn photographers do not mind helping you prepare for the newborn session. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You may still have questions you need clarity on. Check out the frequently asked questions below to gain insight. 

What age is considered to be a newborn?

When referring to a newborn, the baby is likely under two months of age. By two months of age, your newborn has likely discovered their hands and fingers, grabbing everything in sight. Once the baby hits about three months, they have reached the infant stage. Soon after, they hit the toddler phase.

Are camera flashes safe for newborns?

Newborn photos require flash, so you may wonder if it will harm your awake baby. The answer is yes; camera flashes are safe for newborns. No need to worry, the flash from your newborn photographer’s camera will not harm your baby’s eyes. It is perfectly safe, according to Dr.Levenson.

Can I bring props to a photo session?

Likely your newborn photographer will have props already in the studio for you. However, if you want something specific as a prop, most newborn photographers will be okay with it. The newborn photographer may have some props on hand: rompers, swaddles, blankets, or bowls. 


In conclusion, newborn photography can be frustrating and challenging. However, there are several newborn photography tips for parents, such as washing your baby’s hair or feeding before the shoot. Be extra patient, take lots of breaks, and let your baby take the lead when possible. 


If your newborn baby takes charge of the operation, that can make for a successful newborn photography session. You can make it through the newborn photos in a breeze by following the tips and tricks listed above. 


Remember to schedule your photos within seven to 14 days of birth for the best (and cutest) results. Newborn photos do not have to be hard if you and your baby stay calm and prepare for the shoot ahead of time. 


Newborn photos can be the perfect way to remember your baby in the first few days of life. The newborn stage will fly by in the blink of an eye. Having a newborn photo session can be the perfect way to remember those short precious moments. 

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