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Top Things to Consider When Selecting Outfits for Family Photos

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Top Things to Consider When Selecting Outfits for Family Photos

Long gone are the days of everyone wearing matching shirts in singular colors for family photographs. Today there are many options for what to wear for family pictures, and you can even get a little creative. To make sure your family looks great, feels comfortable and you get pictures that you ultimately love, keep these 10 expert tips in mind.


Coordinate but Don’t Match

Choose a color scheme. Start with two main colors and then add softer hues that complement each other. When in doubt, simpler is better.


Limit Patterns, Characters and Logos

Best to stick to classic clothing designs. Cartoon characters, bold patterns and branding is distracting. You want the focus to be on the true stars of the photograph: your family.


Consider Home Decor

Think about where you plan to hang the photos and wear clothing that enhances the room aesthetic rather than clashes with it. These could be hanging on your walls for years to come!


Family Clothing Collections

Look for family collections of clothing at retailers like JCPenney. You’ll find designs that perfectly coordinate men, women, girls and boys, which makes shopping simple.


Add Layers and Textures

To add visual interest to photos, add layers and textures to outfits. For example, a vest on your son and a scarf for your daughter can be cute clothing additions.


Add Accessories

Enhance outfits with accessories to reflect personality. Accessories serve double duty as props, too. Your baby will look adorable tugging on your necklace as your toddler peeks out from behind Dad’s hat.


Consider Backgrounds

If you know ahead of time what your background will be, avoid clothing in similar colors. Your all-black outfit will fade away into a black background so you look like a floating head.


Think Timeless

Feel free to get creative with seasonal and holiday photos to enhance the theme, but if you want family photos that last for years, opt for classic clothing that will help create a timeless photograph.


Lay out Clothing

Not sure how each family member’s outfit will look together? Lay out the clothes side by side on the ground or a big bed. Step back and see how the colors and designs flow together. If one doesn’t feel right, make adjustments.


Have Fun

It can feel overwhelming to be the family stylist, but it’s important to have fun, select outfits that reflect your family’s personality and enjoy the process.


Searching for ideas for your next session? Visit our family gallery for more inspiration.

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