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Top 10: The Best Bucket List for End-of-the-Summer Family Fun

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Top 10: The Best Bucket List for End-of-the-Summer Family Fun

August is family fun month, and as you count down the days to the start of school, it’s also a great time to celebrate with loved ones. This 10-point bucket list will guide you to unforgettable summer memories that you’ll cherish long after the season ends.


Make homemade treats

Kids love to help in the kitchen and it makes for great family bonding that ends with a sweet treat. Because it’s summer, try something like homemade fruit pops or hand-churned ice cream.


Shop at the Farmers Market

Help kids understand where foods come from by purchasing produce and talking to the vendors at the local farmers market. Bonus: Challenge them to try a new food!


Eat Every Meal al Fresco

Choose a day where you eat every meal outside surrounded by the beauty of Mother Nature. That could mean breakfast on the patio, a picnic lunch at the park and dinner on the deck.


Enjoy Bonfire Night

Plan a bonfire that goes way past bedtime that includes s’mores, stargazing and spooky stories. You’ll be amazed how creative your kids can get with the storyline.


Get Wet and Wild

It’s time for a family water fight! Fill up water balloons and stock up on squirt guns. Whether you split into teams or it’s every man for himself, it’s guaranteed to be memorable.


Go to a Fair

It’s fair season across the country, so look into county and state fairs and get ready to explore local agriculture, nosh on indulgent food and be brave on a few thrill rides.


Say Cheese

Dress up and get ready to have fun smiling for family photos. Now is the ideal time to book an appointment at your local JCPenney Portraits before the school-year hustle begins.


Be a Tourist at Home

When you live in the same place for a while, you forget all the wonderful attractions outside your door. Spend a day or two being a tourist and seeing all the things in your city that attract visitors.


Take a Road Trip

Choose a day and hit the highway to somewhere the entire family can explore. Look on a map and decide where you can go, pack up car activities and treats, and get ready for an adventure.


Have a Slumber Party

Kids love slumber parties, but when Mom and Dad join the fun, it’s something they’ll always remember. Put out the sleeping bags and cue the movies and board games.

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