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The Best Places to Display Family Photos in the Home

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The Best Places to Display Family Photos in the Home


You just got family pictures taken at JCPenney Portraits and you’re excited to get the prints. Your family looks incredible and your love for each other is apparent in these stunning images.


Rather than just the mantel, these beautiful photos deserve to be displayed throughout your house. Here are some of the most popular places and ways to display family photos in the home.


Main Rooms

Gathering places in your home are where your family makes memories. This is perhaps the living room, dining room and game room where you laugh, love and play together. It makes perfect sense to enhance these special places with pictures of the people who make the house a home. Your family pictures should be proudly displayed for your loved ones and guests to enjoy.


These focal spaces of the home deserve a decorative focal point. These rooms might be the ideal place for a larger portrait that can be hung with pride to catch the eye. One large 16-by-20-inch print could be a great addition to a wall space, or, consider hanging three in a row for an attractive design that spans the wall.


Transition Spaces

Transition spaces in a home are places such as hallways, stairways and walkways. These places are where people move from one room to the next. In many homes, people don’t put much thought into decorating transition spaces, which leaves a big opportunity to get creative with displaying your family photos.


Because transition spaces may have unique designs, sometimes with long walls, narrow hallways or unique angles, smaller family photographs are typically more appropriate. Displaying your favorite photos in a collage format is a wonderful way to hang multiple photos in one location. Choose smaller sizes such as 5-by-7-inch prints, place into your favorite frames and then hang in a collage style across walls in transition areas.


Bonus Rooms

Every home has a variety of rooms and bonus spaces often used as offices, playrooms and lounges. These extra rooms may not be used as frequently as main rooms, but are certainly still an important part of the home. Whether Mom or Dad is concentrating hard on a work project in the office or the kids are focusing on building the perfect fort in the playroom, looking up to see a family photo will make everyone smile.


Many extra rooms will feature shelving, desks or other types of organizational decor. For this reason, it might make sense to display photos by setting frames on these surfaces rather than solely hanging on the walls. For example, you could add a picture of the family to the desktop in the office or photographs of siblings together in the playroom on bookshelves. A few special photos really bring personality to these rooms.


These three ideas can help you decide what to do with all those prints you fell in love with at JCPenney Portraits. No matter what you decide, you’ll enjoy having the images of the people who matter most in the rooms where you live your daily life. Wish you had more? Don’t worry, you can always order more!


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