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Spring into outdoor photography season!

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Spring into outdoor photography season!


Spring has sprung across the country and it’s one of the best times of year to take outdoor photographs. With many parks opening for the year, JCPenney Portraits photographers are excited to schedule outdoor photography sessions and take advantage of the natural light and beautiful atmosphere while capturing those perfect poses.


Spring will fly by! Here are 9 reasons you should schedule an outdoor photography session this spring before it’s too late:


Color: From green trees and fields of lush grass to a bounty of budding flowers, outdoor colors transform from muted tones to vivid hues that are a delight to the eye. These natural colors enhance photographs and help produce high-end imagery.


Light: Days get longer in spring, meaning gorgeous natural light is on display and ideal for outdoor photography. The soft, natural glow of being outdoors enhances pictures perfectly and expert photographers know exactly how to take advantage of this.


Temperatures: The seasonal transition into spring means more comfortable temperatures. The weather is warm, but not yet the steamy heat of summer. This means everyone at the session is comfortable, including your tough-to-please toddler.


Props: Being outdoors gives you access to numerous natural props. This could mean sitting on a lovely park bench, gazing out at a blue pond or holding a beautiful flower in your hand. You can also bring your own props if you wish!


Local: There’s no need to travel a long distance for amazing outdoor photographs. You can meet a JCPenney Portraits’ photographer at a local park that’s already been vetted for its amazing scenery and landscape. Schedule a session this weekend! You won’t be disappointed.


Poses: Being outdoors means you can explore a variety of poses and styles for your photography without space constraints. Check out the outdoor photo gallery for ideas or ask your photographer for suggestions at your session. Just one example: Your entire family can walk toward the camera hand-in-hand.


Affordability: Private photographers can charge a lot — sometimes hundreds of dollars — for a personalized outdoor session. That typically doesn’t include any prints or digital rights, either. At JCPenney Portraits, a session fee is just $14.99. What’s more, that price includes one free high-res image of your choice.


Pets: Do you have a furry family member you’d love to include in your session? Outdoor photographs are ideal for including your pup. Your photographer will call 24 to 48 hours before your session to confirm the day, time and place. If you plan on bringing your pet, tell him or her beforehand, as some parks have specific rules regarding pets.


Fun: The best part about spring outdoor photographs is they are a lot of fun. Getting outside in the fresh air to take beautiful images is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face! Find an outdoor location near you and schedule a session today!


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