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Senior photography tips

Senior year is such a momentous time in a young person’s life. Wrapping up the last year of high school, making memories with friends and deciding on what the next chapter of life will bring all make this time so special. It’s a big accomplishment to graduate high school and certainly worthy of celebration. Senior photography are the perfect way to capture this milestone and honor a student’s achievements both academically and personally.


If you’re preparing for senior photography, there are many ways to ensure you have an awesome photography session. With a few tips from the expert photographers at JCPenney Portraits, you’ll get images you love that perfectly reflect your personality.


Bring several outfits


There are many sides to your personality, and you can show them off by bringing a few different outfits to your session. A more formal outfit always makes parents happy, so plan for one image in nicer attire. For yourself, show off your personality with pieces that reflect your style preferences. Of course, if you’re on a sports team, bring your uniform or letter jacket. Finally, a classic outfit that stands the test of time is the grad cap and gown.


Add unique props


Props can personalize an image and make it one of a kind. If you have a hobby you adore, bring items that represent it. From paint brushes for the budding artist and instruments for the musician, or equipment for athlete, get creative and work with the photographers to incorporate your props into the image. Other prop ideas include favorite flowers, meaningful books and even pictures of you in kindergarten to show how far you’ve come!


Bring along others


While you’re certainly going to want images just featuring you, that doesn’t mean you can’t go beyond the solo photograph. Some seniors bring along their siblings to get some images with family. Others decide to bring a group of friends — or even one best friend — to capture the meaningful friendships in their lives. Still, others decide to have images with their significant other, showcasing young love in a tasteful way.


Polish hair and makeup


Consider getting a haircut a few weeks before your senior photography session. That way hair is freshly cut but has had a little time to grow in and look more natural for photographs. If you plan to wear makeup, stick more or less to what you wear every day. You want these images to be a reflection of who you are and what you look like as a high school senior. When in doubt, less is more. Light, natural-looking makeup looks best for professional photography.


Be yourself


The most important thing to remember when preparing for your senior photography session is to be yourself. This ensures they become a cherished keepsake that you and your family will enjoy for generations to come. You have grown into a wonderfully unique person who should be represented in your images. Don’t have a session scheduled yet? No worries. Visit our studio locator and start planning your visit today!


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