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Outdoor photography ideas: All the possibilities!

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Outdoor photography ideas: All the possibilities!


There’s something magical about the seasons as late summer turns into fall. Warm sunny days slowly transition into refreshing breezes and cooler evenings. It’s a lovely time of year for Mother Nature to show a bounty of color and creativity, making a visit to your local parks a must-do for you and your family.


This is also a great time to think about outdoor photography. Autumn is just a great time to be outdoors no matter where you are, which is why many professional photographers agree it’s a prime opportunity for outdoor family photography. Plus, depending on where you are located, some parks will be wrapping up open hours before closing in the winter, while others will just be opening after the scorching days of summer.


Outdoor Photography Ideas

Outdoor photography captures the beauty of your family in stunning surroundings that can only be found in nature. In comfortable temps, everyone can feel free to be themselves without constraints of a studio setting. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get high-quality professional outdoor photography either. JCPenney Portraits offers outdoor photography for a session fee of just $24.99, which includes one free high-res image of your choice.


The best part about outdoor photography? The possibilities are nearly endless. Here are some ideas to get you inspired before your session from the experts at JCPenney Portraits. For more inspiration, visit the Outdoor Photography Gallery.


Individual and family: Your session can be customized to your needs. That means a mix of poses and people in each photograph. You can get photographs of each of the kids individually and then grouped together. Next, you can get those amazing family images you’ve been dreaming about. Finally, why not get a few poses of Mom and Dad together? You’ll get such a nice variety of impressive images, it might be difficult to choose your favorites!


Posed and candid: Your professional photographer will help you get posed and more casual shots that can fit with the natural surroundings of the outdoors. For example, an image of the family hugging or walking hand in hand down a park path is absolutely heartwarming, while the kids giggling with delight as they throw leaves into the air captures the wonder and joy of childhood.


Pets: Your furry family members are welcome to participate in your outdoor photography session as long as the park rules allow it. Bring your pup and be happy the entire family is represented in your images. Dogs also are wonderful for inspiring some stellar candid shots. Whether it’s shots of your pup’s big wet kisses, playing fetch or nuzzling up on your lap, these images capture the joy of your whole family.


Prop possibilities: Personalize your outdoor photo session with just about any prop you can imagine. Bring something meaningful to represent your family. For example, if you are in a maternity photography session, bring in a sonogram of baby and the photographer can creatively use it in the picture, such as carefully placing it peeking out of your partner’s pocket or having you both hold the image over your growing belly.


Outdoor events: Throughout the year, JCPenney Portraits hosts special themed photography events and some of these are outdoors at approved local parks.  Check out upcoming events today!


The Best Outdoor Photography Locations

There’s something truly unique about outdoor photography and all the possibilities that Mother Nature provides. The JCPenney Portraits photographers know the parks inside and out, which means they know the best spots — bridges, docks, picnic spaces, openings in trees where the natural light looks incredible — for that once-in-a-lifetime photograph you’re sure to love.


Visit to find the location nearest you.


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