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Milestone photography: Why it’s important at birth through first birthday

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Milestone photography: Why it’s important at birth through first birthday

When you first hold your newborn in your arms, the world suddenly makes sense. You created this tiny human who now holds your heart, and you know you’ll cherish every moment you’re blessed to have them in your life. From that first smile to those first steps and many more, you’ll have numerous milestones to look forward to in the months ahead.


The first year is full of so many exciting moments, it will seem to fly by. Sure there are long nights, fussy moments and other hurdles of being a new parent, but those pale in comparison to the wonderful growth you get to observe right before your eyes. It’s important to take plenty of pictures during this time of rapid change.


Sure, you’ll have your cell phone at the ready, but getting professional pictures taken can provide you with high-end photography you can frame, gift and cherish for years to come. Make a plan to capture milestone photography throughout the first year and you’ll have keepsake photography that will always be a reminder of this special time in your child’s life.


Newborn photography


Infant photography is popular because everyone loves pictures of newborns. The best time to get these photos taken is between one and six weeks. This is when baby still has that newborn appearance plus sleeps a lot so getting those angelic images of your little one in a peaceful slumber will be easier. Newborn photography is great for birth announcements as well, so you can send to friends and relatives near and far to announce the arrival of your adorable miracle. Order prints for frames at home and work and people will love to comment on your new addition to the family.


Milestone photos at 3, 6 and 9 months


Don’t stop at newborn photography! Babies change so rapidly that it’s important to capture special moments throughout the year so you can compare the growth and fully enjoy every stage. You see them every day so you may not notice the nuanced changes to your baby’s appearance. When you compare milestone photography at different stages, it can be amazing to see the difference! You’ll beam with pride as you see your little one growing bigger through these beautiful photographs.


The experts at JCPenney Portraits suggest getting pictures taken at birth, 3, 6 and 9 months, concluding with the big first year birthday session. Check out the baby photography gallery for inspiration. Infants grow and change so rapidly — in both their looks and their personalities — and a great photographer will be able to capture both in stunning images that you’ll just adore. Show them off to friends and family online and in person when you print out your favorite images.


If you choose, bring along favorite props to your photography session. The photographer can work in special items such as a blanket in a tasteful, stylish way. Some people even like to bring a prop to compare growth throughout the months. For example, baby can be photographed side-by-side with a stuffed animal or other item such as a baseball glove to show how big he is getting at different growth stages.


Plan ahead and book today


Book your sessions now and you’ll have one less thing to think about! Contact your local JCPenney Portraits studio to schedule times that work for you. Don’t forget to sign up for the Birthday Club also, which provides you exclusive offers via email every year for your child’s birthday so you can continue the tradition of birthday photography for years to come!

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