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Getting the Perfect Outdoor Family Pictures: Tips and Tricks

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Getting the Perfect Outdoor Family Pictures: Tips and Tricks


Getting the perfect outdoor family pictures can be a rewarding experience for both the photographer and the family. When the photographer learns about the family and their personalities, capturing meaningful portraits is easy. 


Choosing a location that complements your subjects’ style while providing an appealing backdrop is also essential. Lighting conditions, harsh sunlight, and wind influence the location choice. 


Let’s explore various aspects of planning and executing an outdoor family photo shoot that captures memorable moments in a beautiful setting, as well as tips and scheduling considerations to ensure optimal lighting conditions. 


Getting the Perfect Outdoor Family Pictures

Capturing candid, genuine moments that reflect family personalities and emotions is an art. Seeking a photographer with an eye for the subtle nuances of family dynamics and who can put subjects at ease is critical to achieving outstanding outdoor family photos. 


The Importance of Communication

Once you’ve found your ideal photographer, communication becomes vital. Discussing what you want from your photo shoot beforehand allows them to plan accordingly and ensures everyone’s expectations are met during the session.


Nailing Down Details


Date and Time


Choose a date and time that works best for all family members while also considering weather conditions or seasonal changes in scenery.




Coordinate outfits without being overly matchy-matchy; opt for complementary colors so each person can showcase their individuality while still looking cohesive.


Pose Ideas


Share any specific poses or shots you’d like captured with your photographer so they can be prepared on location during the shoot.


By taking these steps, you will have beautiful images and memories created together as a family throughout this enjoyable experience.


Getting To Know the Family

One of the most crucial aspects of capturing perfect outdoor family pictures is for the photographer to understand what the family wants from their photo shoot. A professional outdoor photographer will take time to get acquainted with each member and learn about their preferences, interests, and hobbies. 


Creating a comfortable atmosphere allows each family member to feel relaxed and express themselves naturally.


Professional outdoor family photographers will ask for any specific requests for the pictures. For example, if you want a picture of each child alone and then an immediate family picture, mention this to the photographer and ensure you receive the photos you’re hoping for. 


Making Everyone Feel Comfortable

A professional photographer knows how important it is to make every family member feel at ease during the session. They will engage in friendly conversations, share some jokes or anecdotes, and encourage everyone’s input on poses or ideas for photos. Doing so creates an atmosphere that allows genuine moments and emotions to shine.


Capturing Candid Moments

All members must be on board with the process to achieve beautiful candid shots representing your family’s unique personalities. The more enthusiastic everyone is about participating in the photo shoot, the better the chances of capturing those special moments. 


Encourage loved ones by discussing potential locations or themes beforehand so that they’re excited about being part of this memorable experience.


Choosing the Right Location

Finding the perfect location is crucial for capturing candid moments during your outdoor family photo shoot. The ideal spot should provide a beautiful backdrop and reflect your family’s interests and hobbies. To ensure you choose the right setting, consider these factors:


Natural surroundings


A professional photographer can use natural elements like trees, flowers, or water to create stunning compositions highlighting your family’s connection with nature.




The time of day and weather conditions significantly determine how well-lit your photos will be. Golden hour – just after sunrise or before sunset – offers soft, warm light that flatters skin tones and creates depth in images.


Family interests and hobbies


Incorporating activities you enjoy together can make the experience more enjoyable while resulting in authentic portraits that represent who you are as a unit.


A skilled outdoor photographer will have extensive knowledge of various locations suitable for different types of families. They’ll consider factors such as accessibility, safety, and privacy when suggesting potential spots for your session. 


Furthermore, they’ll know how to utilize each environment effectively to produce unique images that capture genuine emotions. Professionals often have specific poses that work well in certain locations, and the photographer’s experience can help create memorable pictures. 


Creating a Natural Atmosphere

One of the critical aspects of capturing perfect outdoor family pictures is creating a natural, relaxed atmosphere for the family. A professional photographer understands how to make everyone feel at ease and guide them in creating genuine moments that reflect their personalities and emotions. 


The atmosphere is critical for creating natural and beautiful photos, not staged or forced. 


Making Everyone Feel Comfortable

A skilled outdoor photographer knows how to interact with each family member, ensuring they are comfortable and confident during the photo shoot. This includes giving clear directions while also allowing room for spontaneity and fun.


Capturing Natural Interactions


Telling stories


Encourage families to share stories or jokes during the session, which can lead to authentic smiles and laughter.


Incorporating hobbies


Including favorite activities or hobbies into the photoshoot can help create more natural interactions between family members. For example, if a family loves playing soccer together, incorporating it into their photos will bring genuine emotions.


Giving prompts instead of poses


Rather than asking for specific poses, provide prompts encouraging interaction between family members (e.g., “whisper something funny in your sibling’s ear”). This approach helps capture candid moments filled with emotion.


Hiring an experienced outdoor photographer ensures stunning images and an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. They know how important it is to create a relaxed environment where families can be themselves – resulting in beautiful memories captured forever on camera.


Schedule Your Family Photo Shoot Today

Now that we’ve looked at the importance of hiring a professional outdoor photographer to capture candid, genuine moments that reflect your family’s personalities and emotions, it’s time to schedule your photo shoot.


If you’re looking for an experienced photographer who can guide you through the process of getting the perfect outdoor family pictures, look no further than JCPenney Portraits.


Our experienced outdoor family photographers offer the expertise and precision necessary to ensure your family photos turn out natural, beautiful, and exactly as you had hoped.

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