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Couples photography is for lovebirds of all ages

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Couples photography is for lovebirds of all ages


When you think about couples photography, do you mostly get visuals of engagement pictures? Those perfectly posed pictures of two people in love are truly special. While every engaged couple should capture this special occasion in professional photography, they aren’t the only ones who should consider getting pictures taken with their partner.


Professional pictures are a great way to honor your bond with another person whether you’ve been together for months or decades. Love evolves over time, but there’s always something special to celebrate. Here are six reasons to schedule couples pictures with JCPenney Portraits:


Anniversaries: Your love has grown as you’ve taken another trip around the sun. To make your anniversary extra special this year, schedule couples photography as one way to celebrate. The pictures will capture a special moment in time and will serve as a reminder of just how far you’ve come.


Spouses Day: Did you know there is a designated day specifically to honor your spouse? If you’re married, surprise your loved one on Jan. 26 with words of kindness and favorite foods, and schedule a session for couples photography. You’ll see the results in the studio immediately so you can select your favorite images.


Home decor: When you want to personalize your decor, what could be sweeter than a nice picture of just the two of you? Portraits shouldn’t be just of kids. When you want to update your favorite spaces, canvas art or framed pictures of your favorite images together are the perfect addition.


Office decor: Do you miss your partner while at work? Having a lovely framed photo of the both of you will remind you why you put in so many hard hours. Getting couples pictures taken and framing a few for desktop or wall display at the office will surely brighten stressful work days.


Gifts: Once you have a collection of couples images, you can choose to print your favorites in a variety of formats at any time. This also gives you ample opportunity for future gifts. For example, your parents would adore receiving a special personalized gift featuring their favorite son or daughter with the love of their life.


Maternity: Expecting a baby is a magical experience for both parents. You’ll feel so much love and anticipation as you await your little bundle of joy. Mark this special chapter in life with maternity photography of you both. That growing belly will be captured in a meaningful way in pictures sure to become a cherished keepsakes.


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