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Canvas Prints: A Top Decor Trend for Home or Office

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Canvas Prints: A Top Decor Trend for Home or Office

When it comes to decorating your home or office, everyone has a unique style. Some people lean toward modern, minimalist designs. Others prefer a country or shabby chic aesthetic. Still others opt for an eclectic blend of styles that they make their own. There are no rules and it’s fun to get creative!


No matter how you prefer to style your spaces, there’s one decor item that crosses all design genres: photography. Images of the people and pets we love help personalize a space. These pictures are a quiet reminder of what’s important and serve as a representation of friends and family, no matter how near or far they are.


Everyone can agree that photography is timeless, but the way images are presented evolves throughout the decades. For example, the same printed image will look different in a big brass frame versus one made of reclaimed wood. Frame styles certainly come and go out of vogue, and updating them can help define your space.


If you’re tired of traditional frames and want another way to personalize your space with photography, consider canvas prints as a stylish alternative. This top decor trend brings any picture to life. While canvas prints have a high-end look, they are available for affordable prices in a variety of sizes at your local JCPenney Portraits location.


There are many ways to display canvas prints that will beautify your space. Of course you can simply hang your favorite canvas print on the wall as an accent, or opt for a large size to create an exquisite focal point in the room. You could also purchase multiple pictures and choose to hang them in a collage style on one wall or along a staircase. Use nails to hang or adhere ribbon securely to the top two corners and then hang with a bow around a hook or nail.


Another beautiful display option for canvas prints is to use a picture stand or plate stand. These are typically best for small to medium-size canvases and can be found at your local art or hobby store for little money. Find the appropriate size to securely display your canvas on a tabletop, mantel, cabinet, desk and more. If you want an alternative to securely display larger prints, consider an easel.


Because canvas prints are so beautiful and unique, they also make a great gift for loved ones. This artistic twist on traditional photography is sure to look beautiful in your home as well as the homes of your friends and family! Simply order canvas prints in-studio after your photo session or anytime via the online product shop.

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