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Awkward Family Photos – How it all Started

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Awkward Family Photos – How it all Started


Step into the time machine of nostalgia and let’s uncover the quirky story behind those iconic awkward family photos that has sparked a viral sensation across social platforms, engaging people of all ages. At the heart of this whimsical tradition? JCPenney Portraits.


The History

Originating from the heart of American culture, JCPenney Portraits has been a beacon for families seeking to capture moments that stand the test of time. The awkwardness of these photos often stems from a mix of fashion trends, awkward poses, and the genuine desire to create a lasting memory.


So how did it all go down?

Back in the day, families would flock to JCPenney Portraits, often around the holiday season with their favorite outfits. With a backdrop of iconic designs and setups, families would pose in ways that, in hindsight, may seem a bit unconventional. Whether it was an overly staged pose, an attempt to fit everyone in the frame, or even a peculiar choice of props, these photos became a representation of a moment frozen in time.


These snapshots weren’t about perfection; they were about capturing a moment, encapsulating genuine love and joy. The slightly awkward poses and candid moments told stories beyond the polished and posed. They spoke of authenticity, reflecting each family’s unique spirit.


Fast forward to today 

As we scroll through our favorite social platform, it’s hard not to stumble upon this fun viral trend. This style of photography made a comeback and has morphed into a pop culture phenomenon. Friends, family and even pets are embracing the awkwardness as a nostalgic treasure, while sharing their fun sessions to the masses, inspiring others to hop on the trend.


So, JCPenney Portraits? YES! We’re still here capturing all the memories, year round!  The styles might have changed from decade to decade, but the core mission remains—to freeze moments of genuine joy, laughter, and love. Find a studio near you to embrace your awkward family memories!

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