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Top Reasons to Choose Outdoor Family Photography

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Top Reasons to Choose Outdoor Family Photography

Summer is full of sunshine and blooms, so what better time to get outdoors for a family photo session? If you’ve never done outdoor photos before, there are plenty of reasons besides the season to get into nature and capture those milestone moments.


Here are the top reasons to choose outdoor photography for your next family pictures. Keep in mind, some JCPenney Portraits locations offer affordable outdoor photography, which brings this timeless option within reach no matter your budget.


Natural Light

Natural light can add interest and dimension to a photograph. Expert photographers know how to use this awesome illumination for best results. An abundant source of light from the sun typically means that a photographer can turn off their flash and you can get stunning results.


Nature Props

Interact with the nature around you for custom photographs with touches of spontaneity. For example, throw leaves up in the air and smile as they gently fall back down or capture a candid keeper of your kids sniffing a flower.


Creative Posing

When outdoors you’re not limited to the size of the studio, so you can experiment with different poses and angles. For example, a shot of your entire family walking down a path hand in hand is a beautiful representation of your unbreakable bond. Visit the outdoor photo gallery for inspiration on poses for outdoor photography.


Freeze the Moment

A family photograph is special because it captures a moment in time. The clothes everyone is wearing, the haircuts, the toothless grin from your first grader … these will all look different a year from now, but this photo won’t change. With outdoor photography, nature becomes part of the moment frozen in time. While you can’t choose the location, all JCPenney outdoor photography is taken at local parks within the metro area of the studio. These parks have been hand selected because they offer a stunning backdrop for photos so you get results you’ll adore.


Children may be Happier

Some kids are apprehensive about getting photographs taken, but being outdoors can ease their worries because kids connect so well with nature. What’s more, because the photographer is using natural light, it often means no use of flashes that can make kids uncomfortable.


Customize with Props

You can work with your photographer to create a customized photo using props you bring from home. Ask your JCPenney Portraits photographer about bringing items like sports equipment, blankets or balloons. You might even bring Fido so your furry family member is part of the picture. Confirm with your photographer first before bringing pets to ensure the park you’re going to allows dogs.


Affordable Outdoor Photography

Select JCPenney Portraits locations offer outdoor photography at parks near you. These designated parks are the perfect setting to capture a wide variety of family photography sessions including seniors, pets, maternity, newborns and much more.


What is a JCPenney Portraits outdoor photography session like?


Meet us at your favorite park

Enjoy up to a 30-minute session on the weekends

Session fee $24.99 (includes 1 high-res image of your choice).


Your photographer will call 24-48 hours before your session to confirm the day, time and place. If you plan on bringing your pet, consult with your photographer beforehand since some parks have specific rules regarding pets. If the weather doesn’t cooperate the day of your session, your photographer may suggest a covered area in the park. Otherwise, you have the option to reschedule.


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