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The best ways to celebrate your class of 2020 senior

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The best ways to celebrate your class of 2020 senior

The class of 2020 will go down in the history books. The simple fact is the world looks different now compared to what we’ve seen in recent memory. Walking across the stage, getting ready for senior prom, or even hugging our classmates are milestones that this year’s class has had to do without…and it’s not fair!


Now, more than ever, it’s important to acknowledge the hard work that this year’s graduates have put in and to find new ways to celebrate their accomplishments. Things might look different this time around, but there are still ways to show the world that the class of 2020 is resilient and that we still know how to celebrate our seniors.



Car Parade

If your graduate’s school isn’t having an in-person celebration, bring the party to them with a parade of loved ones who want to share their support. It’s more than just signs and honks – car parades let seniors know their accomplishments matter and that there’s more than one way for the people who care about them to share their encouragement. Want to take things to the next level? Network with other parents in your graduate’s class and create a route for coaches, teachers and other staff to show their support too.


Homegrown Grad Photos

When we think of graduation, we may picture the classic image of a senior receiving their diploma and shaking hands with the principal, but there is more than one way of celebrating this special moment. Break out the cap and gown and recreate this scene in your own backyard with graduation photography that adds a personal touch. Homemade signs, special props, and even the classic grad hat toss are fun ways of bringing the ceremony from the auditorium and into your own home.


Yard Decorations

Communities across the country are finding different ways to support their local seniors and one simple way you can contribute is by letting your neighborhood know you’re celebrating a graduate of the class of 2020. Yard signs and other decorations are a fun way to share pride and excitement with those around you and to show your graduate that their hard work won’t go unnoticed.


Sharing their Journey

The road to graduation has been full of memories and what better way to celebrate your senior than by acknowledging every toothless smile, band uniform, or questionable haircut that made them the person they are today. Childhood photos and school pictures make the perfect starting point for a photo book or memory box and help to highlight the unique moments that made their K-12 experience special.


Virtual Celebrations

Family and friends may have had to postpone traveling to your senior’s graduation ceremony but that doesn’t mean that they can’t celebrate with them in another way. Take the party online by planning a virtual get together for loved ones who want to share their well wishes with your graduate. It may seem small, but words of encouragement and smiling faces go a long way in making certain milestones feel extra special.


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