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Quick checklist to prepare for your holiday session

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Quick checklist to prepare for your holiday session


The holidays are a magical time of year full of fun and festivities, and one tradition you never miss is getting holiday photography done at your local JCPenney Portraits by Lifetouch. Your session is booked and you’re counting down the days!


Because this is a busy time of year, the more prep you do, the more ready you’ll be for your session. To ensure you don’t miss a beat, follow this quick checklist for the best holiday photography session possible.


Prepare your outfits: Plan outfits ahead of time. Make sure all outfits are ironed and pressed, hanging safely in a closet. What’s more, don’t dress kids in outfits until right before you head out the door to prevent unintended spills, snags and scuffs. For family photography inspiration, visit the JCPenney Portraits holiday gallery.


Make appointments: If your crew needs a fresh haircut, plan them prior to your session to ensure everyone is looking their holiday best. Additionally, if Mom wants to splurge on a manicure, you may want to do that the day before the session to ensure pretty hands without chips.


Rest and eat up: When kids are rested and have full bellies, they are happier and smiles come naturally. Take naps and eat a meal before your session. Don’t forget to eat as well, Mom and Dad. It will help everyone feel happier and more relaxed.


Prep props: Every JCPenney Portraits studio has a variety of props that can be used during sessions, but feel free to bring along your own. Personalized props like Santa hats, jingle bells or an heirloom quilt can help create a one-of-a-kind image.


Talk it out: Kids typically need some prep before a holiday photo session so they know what to expect. It’s important to inform them that it will be a fun experience. Do not put too much pressure on kids for the perfect image, as this can turn merry kids into Scrooges.


Have fun: Make your photography session a celebration of your family during the most wonderful time of year! If kids see you having fun, they’ll follow suit. Smile, be silly and show your enthusiasm, and watch as kids follow your lead — you’ll get the best photographs yet.


If you haven’t booked your holiday photography session, there’s still plenty of time. Contact your local JCPenney Portraits studio and schedule a session at your convenience to capture and preserve your family’s images for many holidays to come.


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