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Perfect prom pics: Expert tips for incredible images

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Perfect prom pics: Expert tips for incredible images

Prom season is a special time for high schoolers and their families. With everyone looking their best, this is the perfect time to get professional pictures taken and capture cherished keepsakes. If you want to make the most of your prom photography, here are some tips from expert photographers at JCPenney Portraits:


Coordinate outfits: While it’s not necessary, coordinating colors and styles can create a cohesive look in your photos. For example, couples can match their ties and dresses, and groups of friends can coordinate their shoes or accessories.


Don’t forget the details: You put a lot of focus on the outfit, but don’t forget the details. Photographers will want to capture the complete look, so don’t forget about the small details that make your outfit unique. So don’t forget about shoes, manicures, shawls, gloves and other extras that make the picture perfect.


Get a corsage and boutonniere:  For a pop of color, indulge in the prom tradition of buying a corsage and boutonniere. The corsage can be made for the wrist or to pin on their dress while the boutonniere is worn on the upper lapel.


Smile:  Your smile is your best accessory, so don’t forget to show it off! A genuine smile will make your photos look even more beautiful.


Try different poses:  While traditional arm-in-arm poses are a must, get creative and try different poses with your friends. Bring your own ideas to the session and ask your photographer for suggestions.


Consider backgrounds: Be mindful of your outfit when choosing your background. Light backgrounds complement light or neutral dresses and suits, while dark backgrounds look best with darker attire.


Get creative: Don’t be afraid to try unique shots that showcase your personality and style. Perhaps it’s a picture of all the girls’ hands donning fresh corsages, or, maybe it’s a closeup of the guys tying their bow ties. These images shift the focus and add a unique perspective.


Experiment with tones:  While full-color photos are great, consider adding some black-and-white or sepia-toned images to your collection. This can add a different mood or emotion to your photos.


Prom isn’t far away! Schedule your prom photography session today to get the best times.

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