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Peek into the future: Top family photography trends for 2019

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Peek into the future: Top family photography trends for 2019

The new year ushers in new trends. In photography, it’s exciting to see how classic elements blend with new ideas to create pictures that are both beautiful and meaningful. What trends are poised to take off in 2019? Read on to learn insights from the photo experts at JCPenney Portraits.


Candid photographs

While there’s always a place for posed pictures, there’s something genuine about a candid shot. It might be of your spouse laughing with true joy in his eyes, your child playing with their favorite toy, or a family embracing each other in a heartfelt hug. Candid photos capture a moment and an emotion, and this makes them truly special.


Pet photography

Furry family members provide unconditional love and absolutely should be part of the family portrait. It’s no surprise that more people are including their cats, dogs and other pets in pictures to represent their own unique family unit. Check out pet photography events in your area to take advantage of this trend in the new year.


Recreating photos from the past

Do you have a favorite photo from when you were younger? It can be fun and meaningful to recreate it with your family today. For example, that adorable image of you and your brother might be perfectly redone with you both as adults (with sometimes comical results!) or with your own children (a thoughtful gift for a loved one).


Natural elements as props

Props are a great way to enhance and personalize photography. A big trend in 2019 will be the use of natural elements as props, so get creative and be inspired. Nature provides undeniable beauty and can be the ideal addition to a portrait. From wreathes and leaves to fruit and flowers, natural props are stunning, particularly when added to an outdoor photography session.


Birthday pictures

When kids are infants, birthday pictures are a big deal. This year, expect the tradition to expand to kids of all ages. Mark their special day with a photo session that lets them perfectly express who they are at that age. This quickly becomes a cherished keepsake, and kids will love to let their personalities shine. It’s even a fun way to celebrate special birthdays for adults, too. Gather the group and celebrate Grandma’s 70th with a special session!

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