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Marking Religious Milestones with Photography

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Marking Religious Milestones with Photography


Watching your child develop in their faith is an experience of pride and wonder. No matter your religious beliefs, there are many traditions that bring families closer. Certain rites of passage are extremely meaningful and worthy of celebration.


For Christian denominations, two of the most important sacraments that children experience are baptism and first communion (also called first Eucharist). Both of these rites of passage can happen at any age, but often baptism occurs within the first year of a child’s life and first communion happens between second and fifth grade, depending on the denomination and individual church’s guidelines.


These milestones hold great significance. While the day of the event will always be cherished, the photos you take at the church may not be as high quality as you would like. Some churches may even request limited photography during the ceremony to focus on the experience rather than be distracted behind the lens.



This is one of the reasons why religious photography is a growing trend. With parents and caregivers realizing the importance of being present at the event, they are scheduling photo sessions outside the church to properly capture the special occasion. This is often done on a separate day so as to leave the day of the event for reflection, faith and celebration.


JCPenney Portraits offers religious photography sessions year-round, specializing in important occasions like baptism and first communion. You can feel confident that the professional photographers will capture the uniqueness of your child along with the beauty of the occasion. Children should wear (or change into at the studio) baptism gowns and first communion dresses or suits. This enhances the image and perfectly captures the important milestone.


While the outfit is important for setting the tone of the photograph, there are other important items you’re welcome to bring that may hold significance to your family. For example, you might have a family bible that has been passed on for generations. Rosaries and crosses are also commonly included in religious photography. Children can hold these precious items or they can be strategically placed within the photo setting.


A picture of your smiling baby laid gently in a basket next to the family Bible is the perfect image to signify her baptism. Or, imagine a stunning picture of your growing son holding your grandmother’s rosary while peacefully praying. JCPenney expert photographers are able to offer pose and prop strategies and are happy to help develop your ideas as well.


From baptism to first communion pictures and so much more, photography underscores the significance of religious milestones while providing a keepsake that’s sure to be cherished for years to come.

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