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Keep Moving Forward

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Keep Moving Forward

School might be the toughest loss in all of this. It’s our community. And in a lot of ways, it’s our home. But even during this time together, school can still be in our hearts.


There are lots of ways to make this memorable. Take videos and photographs. Journal. Share as much to social media as you can. In the meantime, keep us informed. We want to hear from you.


We’re All Working From Home

In a lot of ways, school is a state of mind. Lots of classes are online now. Let’s rally and bring the parents in too. They deserve a heap of credit for keeping all this going while most are still working from home themselves.


Pajamas are the New School Uniform

You may not think it’s worth remembering, but trust us, a year from now or longer, you’ll look back on this time fondly. You’re all going to want to see how much you’ve grown.


The more you document, the more you’re going to want to do stuff worth documenting. That’s how this whole thing works. It’s going to get you to think of creative ways to make new, interesting, funny, poignant memories. Include your pets! They’re one of the things you never get to have at school.


How Can We Celebrate the Class of 2020?

The Class of 2020 might be the hardest hit by this upheaval. But you’ll still have memories, and a perspective, no other high school class in history has ever had. Keep sharing your photos, stories and thoughts on social media. We all want to hear and see your stories.


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