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Holiday Greeting Cards: Why This Timeless Tradition Lives On

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Holiday Greeting Cards: Why This Timeless Tradition Lives On

Are holiday cards a dated tradition? In modern times where digital is so often the default, people may question if it’s still worthwhile to send out greeting cards to celebrate the holidays.


While holiday cards have certainly evolved over the years, they still are an active part of holiday traditions today. The first holiday card dates back to 1843, when Henry Cole in Victorian England was unable to respond to the many holiday letters he received from friends and family. Instead of writing to them each one by one, he had an artist create a festive sketch and then printed out copies to send to everyone.


Voila! The first Christmas card!


Of course, designs and sentiments have changed over the years to reflect the styles, traditions and people sending those cards. Today, there are many different holiday cards to choose from, so you’re sure to find one to suit your personality perfectly.


Why is it worthwhile to continue this tradition? Holiday cards are a simple way to brighten someone’s day. For a little effort, you can have a big impact during one of the most joyous times of year. A holiday card helps you stay in touch with loved ones near and far, and is like a little gift that sends your love to enhance the season.


Plus, who doesn’t love to get a little surprise in the mail? A holiday card is a physical reminder that you care. It can be hung on the fridge, added to a display and kept long after the holidays as a keepsake, if desired. Unlike an email or social media post, it has impact. Digital letters are soon forgotten, but a holiday card that can be held in your hand has a bigger meaning in the heart.


Sending modern holiday cards is simpler than ever before, saving you time and money. JCPenney Portraits has holiday cards in a variety of designs to suit any style preference, from classic to modern to rustic-chic. Whether for Christmas or Hanukkah, to ring in the New Year or simply “rejoice” during the holiday season, there are designs guaranteed to impress.


Sign into your JCPenney Portraits account and you can explore beautiful photo cards that can be customized with portraits from your session. In just a few clicks, you can order stunning cards expertly designed to show holiday greetings in a variety of styles just right for you. Send these cards to everyone on your holiday list to spread some joy this season and beyond.

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