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Fun Grandparents Day activities using photography as inspiration

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Fun Grandparents Day activities using photography as inspiration

Sunday, Sept. 11 is Grandparents Day! Do your children adore their grandparents? If so, this is the perfect time to celebrate this special bond and make some new memories.


Photography holds a special place in the hearts of people both young and old. It can bring different generations closer and create cherished connections, making it a wonderful inspiration for a variety of Grandparents Day activities everyone will love.


Grandparents Day activity ideas


Create hand-drawn portraits

Children adore drawing, so what better present than to have them draw pictures of their grandparents. They won’t be perfect, and quite frankly, they shouldn’t be. These are their own interpretations of these important people in their lives and they will certainly take pride in the creations. Once given, take a photo of the child and grandparent while holding the portrait, then print out for the fridge or framing.


Schedule a multigenerational photo session

Professional photography sessions are a lot of fun, plus you can create a lasting keepsake that will inspire smiles for years to come. Schedule a family photography session at JCPenney Portraits and let the professional photographer suggest just the right poses to highlight the love between family members. Schedule a session now for Grandparents Day!


Recreate a beloved family photo

Do you have a favorite photo of the family from years past? Maybe it’s Grandma and Grandpa when they were new parents, laughing and having fun. Whatever it is, try to recreate it with your family as it is today to make a special keepsake everyone will enjoy. You can do this at home or bring the family picture to your JCPenney Portraits session and the photographer can help you recreate it perfectly.


Flip through old photo albums

It’s time to cuddle up and take a trip down memory lane! Break out the old photo albums and share fun stories of the family throughout the years. Grandparents will love to reminisce as grandchildren listen with wide eyes and eager ears. When you find old images, consider playing the guessing game by asking grandkids who they think it is. The answers can sometimes be hilarious!


Create a memory book together

Discuss your favorite memories of times kids spent with their grandparents. This could include birthdays or vacations and even simple things like reading books together or picnics at the park. Then create drawings and find any photographs featuring favorite memories and put into a special memory book that you can flip through together any time you want. Add a few blank pages so you can add new memories as they are made.


Photo gifts make meaningful presents

If you want a gift that has deep meaning but is also close to the heart for Grandparents Day, consider a customizable photo gift from JCPenney Portraits. Explore the product gallery for ideas that are sure to delight. From coffee mugs and puzzles to teddy bears and jewelry, there’s something for every personality. When it features a beloved grandchild, it’s sure to become a fast favorite.


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