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Festive and Fashionable: Simple Style Tips for Holiday Photos

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Festive and Fashionable: Simple Style Tips for Holiday Photos


‘Tis the season for family photos in preparation for the upcoming holidays. You know the perfect pictures can be used in countless ways, from keepsakes and gifts to that all-important holiday card sent to loved ones near and far.


Your festive family is ready to bring the cheer to their photo session, but one question remains: What does everyone wear to capture that quintessential holiday image?


You want something timeless, but with touches of holiday spirit. You want something casual but classy, like a dressed-up version of who your family is every day. You want something that is crisp and cool, but comfortable enough that the kids don’t complain the entire time of itchy tights and stiff collars.


If you’re struggling with what to wear for your holiday pictures, consider these style tips from the experts at JCPenney Portraits.


Coordinate but Don’t Match

Everyone should have consistent style, but that doesn’t mean the exact same outfit. Find one or two common colors and make sure to weave them into each person’s look. Remember, with bright color, less is more. A pop of color here and there is better than looking like a string of rainbow lights.


Add Touches of Elegance

You don’t need to dress like your family is attending an exclusive show at the opera. It’s fine to wear comfortable clothing, but add touches of sparkle and class. For example, suspenders or a vest elevate Dad’s outfit, and sparkling shoes or a statement necklace is perfect for Mom.


Celebrate with Sweaters

The holidays are a time to stay warm and cozy, so why not dress the family in sweaters in a similar hue? Cream cable knit, for example, offers a classic style that is reminiscent of new-fallen snow. Plus, it looks good on everyone, even infants.


Play Around with Plaid

Whether the family tartan, traditional buffalo plaid or a pattern made from your favorite colors, plaid adds undeniable holiday essence to pictures. And remember, think beyond the shirt. Play around by integrating plaid into extras like scarves or bring along a cherished plaid blanket to integrate into images.


Optimize with Accessories

With everyone in coordinating clothing, you might still feel you need a little bit of pizzazz to capture that ideal holiday look. That’s when you look to accessories to define your style. A newsboy cap on your son or a faux fur stole on your daughter adds a bit of winter wonder to the image without going overboard.


Feeling inspired? Now is the time to get ahead of the crowds and book your preferred time for holiday pictures!


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