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Feel the love with fun kids activities leading to Valentine’s Day

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Feel the love with fun kids activities leading to Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and for kids, that means two things: hearts and lots of candy! But really, that special day is about so much more. You can show kids how much you care in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day by planning a variety of fun activities.


Family-friendly crafts: What better way to bond with each other than to dig out the craft supplies and create something special? To stick with the Valentine’s Day theme, consider making handprint art on a large piece of paper or canvas. Choose your preferred colors of acrylic paint, paint hands and let each family member make an imprint that forms the shape of a heart. (Be careful not to get paint on clothing, as it’s permanent.) When dry you’ll have meaningful artwork to display at home.


Candy countdown: Fill a jar with favorite candy and let each family member indulge in one piece each day until Valentine’s Day arrives. Have fun by selecting candies children have never tried before, such as a variety of ethnic treats or old-fashioned candy from your youth. Rate each piece to see which ones are winners.


Valentine-themed photography: You adore pictures of your kids and now is the perfect time to get unique photos filled with love. JCPenney Portraits’ new Valentine’s Day photography theme includes adorable props like a faux bouquet of roses, wood crates, wood hearts, and a vibrant Ruby background. Of course, your kids are the star of the image, so get a few poses of them and then jump in the fun for a flurry of kisses that will result in magical photos.


Heart scavenger hunt: Cut out red hearts and use them to plan a fun scavenger hunt for your family throughout the house. Hide each to be discovered with clues leading to the next. At the end provide a special prize, such as a sweet treat or supplies for a family movie night. Kids will love searching for clues and the surprise at the end is guaranteed to delight.


Love notes: Kids of every age want to feel loved. Give them those fuzzy feelings every day starting on Feb. 1 by writing one thing you love about them on a note and adhering it to their bedroom door while they are asleep. Do this every evening leading up to Valentine’s Day. That way each day kids wake up to something special that shows you truly care.


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