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Easy photography tips for baby’s first Christmas

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Easy photography tips for baby’s first Christmas


One of the joys of having a newborn is celebrating their first Christmas. It’s truly one of the most memorable times of your life.


Somewhere in the attic of your parent’s house is a photograph (or 12!) of your first Christmas. Who can blame them for getting so giddy about it! And now it’s your turn. Celebrate your little ones first season under the tree, gaping at the lights, tugging on the ornaments, wearing Santa’s cap.




It’s true.  Babies add a little bit of magic this time of year.


Capture the giggle, the twinkle, and the first signs of Mom’s nose and Dad’s dimples with a holiday photograph session at JCPenney Portraits by Lifetouch.
Our photographers are not only experts but we hear from so many of them that capturing a little one’s first Christmas is always their favorite session. With a variety of backgrounds and props, you’ll get just the images you want, whether it’s a simple nod to the winter season or a whole lot of holiday joy—tree and all. As your little one takes center stage, perhaps their first moment in the Christmas spotlight, have something to remember it by.
Pro Tips for Infant Photography Sessions


Holiday photographs frame your memories season after season as you watch your little one grow and celebrate this most wonderful time of year. With a little patience and preparation, you can leave your session with images you’ll cherish forever. Take it from our JCPenney Portraits photographers. A little preparation goes a long way.


3 Steps to Holiday Session Perfection


1. Full Bellies


Sessions tend to go smoothly and result in more high-quality images when your little girl or guy is well-rested and fed. We recommend scheduling your session around nap and feeding times. Bring extra bottles or other feeding supplies just in case she or he needs a mid-session snack.


2. Blankie Time


Blankets and toys can help alleviate fussiness. So can a beloved stuffed animal or interesting rattle. They’re also great when you need to redirect the attention of kids of all ages and can even make great props!


3. Clothes Calls


It’s best to go simple, especially for newborns. Fancy clothes and lots of layers can bunch up and be over stimulating. The best sessions stick to the basics. Adding holiday colors to tops, bottoms, or accessories are a great way to a dash of seasonal spirit. When in doubt, pure white is always stunning.


Bring an extra set of clothes. As you well know, spit-ups and diaper leaks come with the territory. Bring all the supplies you need for a clean, smiling, happy little camper.
Now’s the Time


Reserve your spot for a priceless photography session to send out in your family holiday greeting card, or create one-of-a-kind holiday gifts. We’ve heard it said that parents often look back at their baby’s first Christmas as their first Christmas too. Schedule your next session today.


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