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7 Steps to Make Your Pet Photography Session a Success

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7 Steps to Make Your Pet Photography Session a Success


For many people, pets are more than just our furry friends, they are true members of the family. They provide unconditional love, lifelong memories and somehow have the natural ability to cheer us up even on the worst days. The relationship between pet and pet parent is special, and that’s one of many reasons people choose to get their pets’ photos professionally taken.


Pet photography is a growing trend, and more families are including pets in group portraits or getting their pets’ photos taken individually. Like people often do with a baby’s first year of life, pet parents are even getting portraits of their pets taken over time to capture the growth of their beloved animal.


Whatever type of pictures you’re hoping for, the experts at JCPenney Portraits are specially trained to capture the unique personality of your pet in high-quality photos you’ll always cherish. Family pet sessions, individual pet photo sessions and pet sessions with children are all encouraged. Choose one or get all three done at once!


If you’ve never gotten professional pictures done with your pet before, you’re probably a bit unsure of what to expect. It’s a little unique compared to traditional sessions, but it’s also a whole lot of fun. Here are seven steps to ensure your photo session is a success.


1. Make an Appointment

JCPenney Portraits offers pet photography at all locations with special dates set once a month. (Please note service animals are welcome in all studios any time or day of the week.) Online appointment booking isn’t available for pet sessions, but you can find a studio nearby and call them directly and helpful staff will assist in booking an appointment.


2. Get Inspired

Go online and get pet photo ideas for groups, kids or individual pictures. Whether it’s your son holding his best friend, your kids lovingly hugging the fur baby of the family, or your entire group taking a traditional family photo with pet front and center, there are so many creative options to inspire.


3. Bring Props

If you would like a blanket or prop like a wagon, bed or basket for your animal, please bring it with you. It’s a wonderful way to personalize a photo with a unique touch. For sanitary reasons, studios will not use in-house props for animal photography sessions.


4. Sign the Waiver

It takes just a few minutes but you need to sign the pet waiver form before your session.


5. Stock Supplies

Bring plenty of treats or a favorite toy for your pet. Animals can be unpredictable in front of the camera lens, but the photographers are expertly trained to get the best poses. With that in mind, treats and lovies can go a long way in getting a really great photo.


6. Prepare for Travel

If your pet needs special equipment for traveling to the studio, get it ready and try to make the trip as stress-free as possible. Drive slow, keep a happy demeanor and give a little extra love to your pet if they seem nervous. They can sense your positive energy and it will set the right tone for their shoot.


7. Be Proactive

Before heading inside to the studio, make sure your pet has gone to the bathroom. This not only prevents accidents, but helps ease anxious pets so you can get the perfect portraits you’ve been dreaming of!

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