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5 expert tips for holiday pet photography

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5 expert tips for holiday pet photography


Make your holiday celebrations unforgettable by capturing your pet’s joy with expert photography tips from JCPenney Portraits! 🎄✨ From festive attire to purr-fect preparation, here are three tips to ensure your furry family members steal the show in this year’s holiday portraits. #HolidayPetPhotography #FurryFamilyJoy”


  1. Attire that Bow-wows: Whether it’s a cozy holiday sweater, an adorable hat, or a cute collar, add a festive touch to your pet’s look that complements your family’s color palette for a cohesive and joyous holiday vibe.
  2. Be Purr-fectly Prepared: Pack your pet essentials, including water, a dish, and favorite treats, to keep them comfortable during the session. Ensure your pet takes a bathroom break before the shoot to minimize distractions and focus on capturing the perfect pose.
  3. Paw-tastic Props: Explore holiday-themed backgrounds and props at JCPenney Portraits or bring personal items from home, such as your pet’s favorite stuffed animal or cozy blanket, to add a personalized touch and create timeless memories.
  4. Cheerful Commands: Practice simple commands with your pet before the session to ensure they respond well during the shoot. This will help capture those picture-perfect moments and make the experience enjoyable for everyone.
  5. Treat Time Tactics: Use treats strategically to reward good behavior and maintain your pet’s attention. Have a variety of treats on hand to keep them engaged and motivated throughout the session.


Your pets are part of your holiday experience, so be sure to include them in this year’s holiday photography. You’ll have a howling good time at your session and you’ll get images that you’ll cherish for many holidays to come. Call and schedule your holiday pet session today.





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